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Meet Maxine:

The Queen of Crabbiness

If you've come to my page, chances are you annoy me less than most people. Got here by accident? Here's what you should know: I yell it like it is, and if I don't like how it is, I yell it like it ought to be. Since you're here, you may as well take a look at what I've been up to. And do it now, 'cause I'm only around till I win the lottery.

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I’m a problem solver. I tell you what your problem is, and then I solve it.

PROBLEM: You’re bored but you want to look like you’re doing something important.

SOLUTION: My FREE Snack Attack game app. You’re on your phone anyway, you might as well be having fun with it.

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If you heart your attitude problem like I heart mine, I say, “Gripers, unite!” Show off that attitude when you shop my fine selection of gifts. Stay in your pajamas and shop online. Or stay in your pajamas and shop at your Hallmark Gold Crown store. Just shop already. Share them with anyone else who appreciates a fine whine.

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Someone you know getting older? Remind them to take every birthday with a grain of salt. Of course this works much better if the salt accompanies a large margarita. That’s just the kind of humor you’ll find in my cards. My writers and I get along so well because they make me sound good and I bring them unheard-of fame and adulation. Completely unheard of. Anyway, check out my cards. They’re clever, insightful and just plain funny.

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In this “Too Much Information” age, it’s nice to get something in the ol’ email inbox that isn’t spam. So take a nanosecond to send one of my eCards. It’s fast and easy. Like me, in my younger days.

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Printable office signs

Yes, they're free. And you can print them on real, old-fashioned paper. Do you really need to know more than that?

Meet John Wagner

John, the creator of Maxine, is originally from New Jersey, but for the past forty years or so he’s called Kansas City his home. When he’s not busy drawing Maxine and Floyd, he can be found remodeling his house or relaxing at his favorite fishing hole.

John Wagner's Old Lady

In the mid-1980s, John was working on Hallmark’s newly launched Shoebox card line when he got the idea for a character who was a composite of his mother, aunts and grandmother. The character appeared on a couple of cards and was known in-house as “John Wagner’s Old Lady.”

The cards quickly grew in popularity. And because the name “John Wagner’s Old Lady” didn’t exactly roll off the tongue, Shoebox soon decided to have a little naming contest. Artists, writers and a few other Hallmarkers were asked to submit a name that fit the character. “Maxine” showed up over and over, and since there was no real evidence of anyone having stuffed the ballot box, it was declared the winner.

Maxine and Floyd

In the years since, Maxine has—with the help of her faithful dog Floyd—entertained millions with her feisty, insightful and hilarious observations on life. She has graced the covers of countless greeting cards and been featured on mugs, t-shirts, calendars, ornaments and a host of other specialty items. Her quips have filled the pages of several best-selling books. She’s appeared on several TV shows and been written about in newspapers, magazines and blogs and has a stage show in Branson.

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