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Mahogany: Celebrating 30 years—black, bold and beautiful

Mahogany is past meets present meets future…combined.
It’s a lover’s kiss, a baby’s smile, a mother’s touch and embrace.
Mahogany is warmth, passion, beauty and strength.
It’s laughter, tears, wisdom…respect.

Mahogany is rhythm, reflections, remembrances…truth.
It’s yearning and striving and thriving…surviving.
Mahogany is love and life and power and pain.
It’s spiritual, regal, humble…bold.

Mahogany is motion, experiences, triumphs and visions.
It’s sons, daughters…women and men.
Mahogany is African and American and undeniably me.

Introducing the Jill Scott Collection

As a three-time Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter and New York Times bestselling poet, Jill Scott brings a bold, soulful vision to this one-of-a-kind collection. Celebrate the relationships and passions that define you with these affirming, optimistic and genuine cards.

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Greeting cards

There’s a Mahogany card to help you honor just about any holiday, relationship or occasion in a way that feels true to you. Our card line also features several uniquely Mahogany collections, such as our Homegoing sympathy cards, Kwanzaa holiday cards, HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) graduation cards and a newly redesigned collection of Christmas cards.

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Melvina Johnson Young | Senior Writer

“It takes a certain kind of empathy and compassion to do this job. You have to put yourself into places and experiences that aren’t necessarily yours. You have to understand relationships between people and enter them without being noticed. You have to see what makes those experiences and relationships valuable and write in ways that make the message feel real and resonant to both the giver and the recipient of the sentiment. That’s what I love about it most.”

Keion Jackson | Senior Writer

“Mahogany is a celebration of Black culture: the strong faith, the love for Big Mama, the spirit of survival and cool. I count it a privilege to contribute to such a strong tradition.”

Terrence Campbell | Editor

“I love working with our mix of talents to help someone say just the right thing. I’m very fortunate to be on the Mahogany team and do work that’s all about keeping people close.”

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