Keepsake Ornaments by Tom Best

2017 Keepsake Ornaments

Elf Festivities Beer Stein | 1119QFM3322
Beer Time | 1295QGO1812
’Tini Bit Merry | 1295QGO1912
Beer Stein | 1595QGO1372
Home of the Brave | 1595QGO1775
Season’s Grillings | 1595QGO1785
Core Crunchin’ Kringle | 1595QGO1832 | By Tom Best and Robert Chad
Southwestern Style | 1595QGO1892
Mountain Majesty | 1595QGO1895
La Luz de la Navidad | 1595QSM7832
Texas BBQ | 1595QSR6011
Clue® | 1595QX9295 | 4th in the Family Game Night series | By Tom Best and Rodney Gentry
Frosty Friends | 1595QX9362 | 38th in the series
Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town | 1795QGO1215
Ho-Ho-Hole in One | 1795QGO1825
Jolly Snowman | 1995QGO1524
Winter Cardinal | 1995QGO1822
Tinseltime Christmas | 2295QGO1835
A Few Bad Apples | 3495QXI3025 | THE WIZARD OF OZ™
Let the Good Times Roll | 7995QFM1065 | The World of Frosty Friends
1949 Gillham Taxi | 4995QEP2102
1949 Gillham Taxi | 1995QEP2106
Baseball Glove | 2495QHE1892
Frosty Friends | 1QXC9362

2016 Keepsake Ornaments

El Milagro de la Navidad | 1595QSM7824
Classic Canine | 1795QX9104 | 3rd and Final in the Tin Toys series
Frosty Friends | 1595QX9131 | 37th in the series
Up on the Housetop | 1795QGO1021
Beer Stein | 1595QGO1361
A Reel Keeper | 1595QGO1371
Our Christmas Together | 1795QGO1281
We Three Kings | 1795QGO1334
Hoppy Holidays! | 2495QGO1561
Ring In the Season | 2495QX9164 | 2nd in the series
Heartfelt Healthcare | 1295QGO1391
Caroling Piano | 1795QGO1414
Frosty Little Friends | 795QXM8591
The Miracle of Christmas | 1595QGO1541
Cheers to Friends! | 1295QGO1534
Let it Snow! | 1995QGO1461 | By Tom Best and Edythe Kegrize
A Year to Remember | 1295QGO1544
Santa Takes Flight | 2995QX9084 | 6th in the Once Upon a Christmas series | By Tom Best, Robert Chad, and Jim Kemme
Do You Beer What I Beer? | 1295QGO1624
Grandson | 1295QGO1154 | By Orville Wilson and Tom Best
Granddaughter | 1295QGO1151 | By Orville Wilson and Tom Best

2015 Keepsake Ornaments

Dome for the Holidays | 4995QGO1469 | The World of Frosty Friends | By Tom Best and Nello Williams
Here Come Frosty Friends | 9995QGO1477 | The World of Frosty Friends | By Tom Best and Tracy Larsen
Frosty Friends | 1495QX9137 | 36th in the series
Packing Up the Toys | 2995QX9089 | 5th in the Once Upon a Christmas series | By Robert Chad, Tom Best and Jim Kemme
Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowboy | 1795QX9209 | 2nd in the Tin Toys series
Jingle Bell Jackpot | 2495QGO1349
A Fish for Christmas | 2495QGO1329 | Frosty Friends
Run Run Rudolph | 1795QGO1049
Granddaughter | 1295QGO1269
Grandson | 1295QGO1277
Doggone Good Christmas | 1295QGO1249
The Cat's Meow | 1295QGO1239
Happy BIG Birthday! | 1495QHX1197
Our First Christmas | 1295QGO1147
A Caring Heart | 995QGO1697
Happy Campers | 1795QGO1669
Beer Stein | 1495QGO1657
Smokin' Good Times | 1495QGO1689
Military Mail Call | 1495QGO1667 | By Tom Best and Jim Kemme
A Homecoming of the Heart | 1495QGO1627

2014 Keepsake Ornaments

Frosting Frosty Friend | 995QRP5933 | Merry Makers | By Tom Best and Robert Chad
Secret Santa | 1495QGO1426
Big-Top Bear | 1795QX9236 | 1st in the Tin Toys series
A Pre-flight Snack | 2995QX9023 | 4th in the Once Upon a Christmas series | By Tom Best, Robert Chad, Joanne Eschrich and Jim Kemme
Frosty Friends | 1495QX9146 | 35th in the series
Frosty Friends | 2495QGO1013 | 35th Anniversary | By Tom Best and Robert Hurlburt
Window Wonderland | 2995QGO1546 | By Tom Best and Nello Williams
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree | 1795QGO1213
One Fun Niece | 995QGO1386
One Awesome Nephew | 995QGO1393
Happy BIG Birthday! | 1495QHG1216
Happy Campers | 1795QGO1463
Wishin' I Was Fishin' | 1495QGO1486
Beer Stein | 1495QGO1476
Our Hero | 1295QGO1453
Do You Beer What I Beer? | 1295QGO1656
Hearts at Home | 1495QGO1633

2013 Keepsake Ornaments

Christmas Caroling Piano | 1795QXG1515
The Magic of Believing | 1495QXG1372
Snug Fit For Santa | 2995QX9045 | 3rd in the Once Upon a Christmas series | By Robert Chad, Tom Best, Julie Forsyth and Jim Kemme
Frosty Friends | 1295QX9095 | 34th in the series
Frosty | 995QK5005
We Wish You a Merry Christmas | 1795QXG1712
It All Began in a Manger | 1495QXG1442
It's a Twister! | 2995QXI2265 | The Wizard of Oz | By Patricia Andrews and Tom Best
Hooked on Fishing | 1495QXG1702
Beer Stein | 1495QXG1582
A Caring Heart | 995QXG1055
Our Nutty Family | 1295QXG1462

2012 Keepsake Ornaments

Naughty or Nice? | 1795QXG4944
Frosty Friends | 1295QX8044 | 33rd in the series
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree | 1795QXG3211
Peace on Earth | 1295QX8011 | 3rd and Final in the Windows of Faith series
Granddaughter | 995QXG4684
Grandson | 995QXG4694
Best Dog | 1295QXG4714
Purrfect Cat | 1295QXG4724
2012 Beer Stein | 1495QXG4354
Frosty | 995QK5001 | By Kristine Gaughran, Tammy Haddix and Tom Best

2011 Keepsake Ornaments

Secret Santa Ball | 1495QXG4749
Frosty Friends | 1295QX8747 | 32nd in the series
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree | 1795QXG3217
Light of Love | 1295QX8749 | 2nd in the Windows of Faith series
Good Dog! | 1295QXG4259
Picture Purrr-fect! | 1295QXG4249
Where Everybody Knows Your Name | 1795QXI2347 | Cheers
Joe to the World | 1295QXG4117
Kindhearted Caregivers | 995QXG4157 | By Terri Steiger and Tom Best
World Class Teacher | 995QXG4319
Frosty | 995QK5009 | By Ken Crown, Tom Best and Kristina Gaughran

2010 Keepsake Ornaments

Glad Tidings | 1295QX8363 | 1st in the Windows of Faith series
Frosty Friends | 1295QX8216 | 31st in the series
Italy | 1695QX8443 | 4th in the Doorways Around the World series
Tip-Top Snowman | 1695QXG7336
Santa's Hotline | 1895QXG3163
All-Star Kid | 1495QXG7046
Round Trip Ticket | 1295QXI2236 | The Polar Express™ | By Tom Best and Steve Goslin

2009 Keepsake Ornaments

Frosty Friends | 1250QX8205 | 30th in the series
The Three Kings | 1500QXT4212 | By Tom Best and Robert Chad
Santa's Sleigh Bell | 1250QXI1042 | The Polar Express™
Our First Christmas | 1250QXG6075
Season's Grillings | 1250QXG6602
Packed for Fun | 1250QXG6615
World's Best Boss | 1650QXI1305 | The Office
Outwit Outplay Outlast | 1850QXI1275 | Survivor™
Rodney the Wrapper | 1500QK4005
Jingle Bell Rock | 1650QSR4575 | By Tom Best and Steve Goslin
Ornament Express | 4000QXC9005 | Star Tree Topper | Event Piece

2008 Keepsake Ornaments

The Friendly Snowmen | 1500QXM8104
School Memories | 1250QXG6391
First Christmas Together | 1250QXG6254
Best Bucks | 1500QXG2094
Bestliner | 1250QXG2194
The Proud Grad | 1250QXG6394
Event Piece | 2800QMP4002 | Snow on and Around Shop
The Ghostly Gazebo | 1850QFO6101
Jack-O'-Lantern Ornament Frame | 1500QFO6104

2007 Keepsake Ornaments

Santa's Jukebox | 2800QXG7539
North Pole Pilsner | 1500QXG2117
Great Getaways | 1250QXG2207
North Pole Webcam | 1650QHF3034 | Tom Best and Nello Williams
Howl-oween House | 1850QFO6389

2006 Keepsake Ornaments

School | 1250QXG3333
Arts and Crafts | 1250QXG3336
Sports | 1250QXG3343
Video Games | 1250QXG3346
Fashion | 1250QXG3353
Music | 1250QXG3356
A Toast To Wine | 1250QXG2296
Our Family | 1500QXG2943 | Designed by Tom Best | Sculpted by Robert Hurlburt

2005 Keepsake Ornaments

Ice-Skaters' Delight | 1295QX2182 | 4th in the Winter Wonderland series | Designed by Tom Best
Jingle Bell Memories | 1495QXI6462 | The Polar Express™ | Designed by Tom Best | Sculpted by Ken Crow
Deadwood Street Shops | 3995QFO6325
Hauntington Town Hall | 3995QFO6332
Ballet | 995QXG4782
Basketball | 995QXG4752
Cheerleading | 995QXG4785
Baseball/Softball | 995QXG4762
Camping | 995QXG4775
Volleyball | 995QXG4765
Soccer | 995QXG4755

Last updated 1/24/2018.

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