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2017 Keepsake Ornaments

Our Family | 1295QGO1132
Nephew | 1295QGO1185
Niece | 1295QGO1192
Our First Christmas | 1295QGO1292
Miniature Snowflake Tree Skirt | 1495QFM3341
Forever Family | 1595QGO1125
Season of Miracles | 1595QGO1345
Honu | 1595QGO1642
Congrats, Grad! | 1595QHX1055
Miracle in the Making | 1595QHX1115
Nuestra Familia...Nuestra Navidad | 1595QSM7822 | By Terri Steiger and Debra Nielsen
Little Feet, Big Blessing | 1795QGO1272
Woo-hoo for You! | 1795QHX1112 | By Terri Steiger and Ruth Donikowski
Wings to Fly | 1795QHX1202
With This Ring | 1995QHX1002
Christmas Commemorative | 1995QX9322 | 5th in the series
Sparkling Snowflake | 2995QK1502
Wooden Miniature Ornament Tree | 2995QXM8615
Gold Star | 2995HDR1557
Floral Reflector | 2495HDR1558
Paisley Floral | 2495HDR1559
Traditional Nutcracker | 3495HDR1562
Mysterious Manor | 2495QFO5252
Miniature Keepsake Ornament Tree | 2495QFO5255
Snowflake | 2495QHE1887
Ring in the Season | 1QXC9269

2016 Keepsake Ornaments

Graduation Day | 1595QHX1091
Wedding | 1995QHX1024
Baby's Fingerprint | 1795QGO1271 | Fingerprint Ornament Kit
Beary Cute | 1295QGO1241 | Baby's First Christmas
Nephew | 1295QGO1184
Niece | 1295QGO1191
Dear Sisters | 1295QGO1094
Our First Christmas | 1295QGO1291
Forever Family | 1595QGO1124 | Adoption
Christmas Commemorative | 1995QX9124 | 4th in the series
Happy Christmas Cook | 1595QGO1381
Mini Snowflake Tree Skirt | 1495LPR3341
Ángel de Luz | 1595QSM7821 | By Terri Steiger and Edythe Kegrize
New Home | 1795QGO1171
New Baby | 1795QHX1041
New Home | 1795QHX1071
Sparkling Snowflake | 2995QGO1382
Baking Mom & Daughter Memories | 1295QGO1631

2015 Keepsake Ornaments

Steeped in Spirit | 1995QXC5119 | Keepsake Ornament Club
Christmas Commemorative | 1995QX9197 | 3rd in the series
Born in Our Hearts | 1495QGO1247 | Adoption
My Angel | 995QGO1209
Graduation | 1295QHX1089
A New Season | 1495QHX1099
Our Wedding | 1495QHX1107
Wedding | 1995QHX1167
Little Hands | 1795QGO1169
A Close-Knit Family | 1295QGO1629
Ring In the Season | 2495QX9269 | 1st in the series
Season of Wonder | 2495QGO1779
Mr. Snowman | 2495QGO1537
Peace on Earth | 2495QGO1769
Emerald Joy | 2495QGO1609
Black Tie | 2495QGO1759

2014 Keepsake Ornaments

Christmas Commemorative | 1995QX9223 | 2nd in the series
Comfy Cozy Snowman | 1795QGO1573
One Like No Other | 1495QGO1313
A Season of Faith | 1795QGO1183
Hope Shines Bright | 1495QGO1346
New Home | 1795QGO1143
Sister Chicks | 1295QGO1103
Born in Our Hearts | 1295QGO1136 | Adoption
Friends Are Family, Too | 1295QGO1396 | By Jim Kemme and Terri Steiger
Our First Christmas | 1295QGO1173
One Cute Cookie | 1295QGO1023 | Baby's 1st Christmas | By Nina Aubé and Terri Steiger
Little Hands | 1795QHG1203 | Handprint Ornament Kit

2013 Keepsake Ornaments

Grillin' & Chillin' in KC | 1495QHG1202
Kansas City | 1295QHG1212
Our Visit with Santa | 1295QHG1215
Crown Center | 1795QHG1245
"Snow" One Like You! | 1QMP4083 | Hallmark Associate Gift
A Cozy Christmas | 1495QXG1452
A Wish for Peace | 1795QXG1432
On Wings of Hope | 1495QXG1412
Like Mom, Like Daughter | 1295QXG1952 | By Terri Steiger and Tammy Haddix
Like Dad, Like Son | 1295QXG1322
New Parents | 1295QXG1315 | By Terri Steiger and Tammy Haddix
Snow Better Sisters | 1295QXG1945
Our Wedding | 1295QXG1875
Our First Christmas | 1295QXG1872
Our Christmas Together
| 1495QXG1885
Baby's First Christmas | 1995QXG1862
Merry Little Christmas | 1495QXG1000
Baby's 1st Birthday | 1295QXG1822 | By Terri Steiger and Tammy Haddix
Happy Campers | 1795QXG1575
Winter Garden | 1495QXG1612 | By Jim Kemme and Terri Steiger

2012 Keepsake Ornaments

Stamped Starlight | 1795QXG3551
Top Hat Snowman | 1495QXG3534
¡Feliz Navidad! | 1495QXG4801
A Season to Believe | 1495QXG4641
Hosanna Angel | 1495QXG4621
New Home | 1495QXG4794
Life's a Hoot with Sisters | 1295QXG4734
Our Family | 1295QXG4764
Grandbaby's 1st Christmas | 1495QXG4704
Forever Family | 1295QXG4774
Angel of Friendship | 995QXG4784
Our First Christmas Together | 1795QXG4564
First Christmas Together | 1295QXG4524
Our Christmas Together | 1495QXG4544
Our Wedding 2012 | 1295QXG4074
The Merry Is in the Making! | 1295QXG4304
Happy Campers | 1495QXG4324
Our Visit With Santa | 1295LPR3871

2011 Keepsake Ornaments

True Meaning | 1795QXG3549
Peace Wish | 1495QXG3559 | By Terri Steiger and Valerie Shanks
The Night Before Christmas | 1495QXG3567 | By Terri Steiger and Sue Tague
Our Nest | 1495QXG3577
Decking the Door | 2995QXG4777 | By Robert Chad, Don Palmiter and Terri Steiger
We Need a Little Christmas | 1795QXG3237
New Home | 1495QXG4229 | By Orville Wilson and Terri Steiger
Daughter | 995QXG4039
New Parents | 1295QXG4219
Son | 995QXG4029
Dad | 995QXG4019
Mom | 995QXG4009
First Christmas Together | 1295QXG4119
Our First Christmas | 1795QXG4139
Merry Little Christmas | 1495QXG4089
Cute As a Button | 1295QXG4289
Kindhearted Caregivers | 995QXG4157 | By Terri Steiger and Tom Best

2010 Keepsake Ornaments

Baby's First Christmas | 1295QXG7683
Our Family | 1295QXG7043
It's Great to be Your Grandkid! | 1295QXG7466
Always Remembered | 1695QXG7486
New Home | 1495QXG7663
Ho-Ho-Hole in One | 1495QXG7413
Happy Campers | 1295QXG7423
First Christmas Together | 1295QXG7506
Sant-astic Greetings! | 995QXG7393
What's Snowing On? | 1695QXG7396
Happy Holidays | 1495QXG7053
Mother and Daughter | 1295QXG7493
Beautiful You | 1495QXG7523
Christmas Wish Keeper | 1495QXG7573
Christmas Memory Keeper | 1495QXG7576
Wild Thing | 1695QXG7516
Joy to the World! | 1295QXG7366 | By Terri Steiger and Kristina Kline-Gaughran
Checking It Twice | 1295QXG7373 | By Terri Steiger and Kristina Kline-Gaughran
Let It Snow! | 995QXG7376 | By Terri Steiger and Kristina Kline-Gaughran
Merry Little Christmas | 1495QXG7056 | Handprint Kit

2009 Keepsake Ornaments

Family Tree | 1250QLZ3904
Baby Block | 1250QLZ3911
Snow Couple | 1250QLZ3912
Good Tidings Angel | 1500QXG6765 | By Terri Steiger and Kristina Kline-Gaughran
Wonder of Snow | 1800QHC4035
Santa's Magic Touch | 1800QHC4032
Notes of Joy | 1800QHC4042
Our Family Photo Holder | 1250QXG6675
Feliz Navidad Photo Holder | 1250QXG6262
New Home | 1500QXG6092
The Sister-Friend Blend | 1250QXG6284
Granddaughters Rule! | 1000QXG6545 | By Terri Steiger and Sharon Visker
Barrel-of-Fun Grandson | 1000QXG6552 | By Terri Steiger and Sharon Visker
Grandchildren Are a Gift Photo Holder | 1250QXG6682
Spa-Lendid Friends! | 1650QXG6775
Tabby Treats | 1250QXG6695
A New Little One! | 1250QXG6515
Mommy's Little Artist | 1250QXI1265
School Days Photo Holder | 1250QXG6725
A Perfect 10 of a Kid! | 1000QXG6742 | By Terri Steiger and Nina Aubé
Snow Much Fun to Cook! | 1250QXG6655
Teacher | 1000QXG6502
The Ornament Express | 4000QXC9005 | Artist Signing Event Piece

2008 Keepsake Ornaments

True Beauty | 1500QXG6231
Granddaughter | 1000QXG6194
Peace, Hope, Joy, and Love | 3600QXT8324 | Light of Bethlehem | By Edythe Kegrize and Terri Steiger
For Love | 1850QXG6401 | By Terri Steiger and Julie Forsyth
Twinkle Claus | 1500QP1621 | A Santa Claus Christmas
Living on Baby Time | 1500QXG6124
Baby's First Christmas | 1500QXG6411
Licensed Driver | 1250QXG6451
Playing It Cool | 1500QXG2064
Stylin' Snowgirl | 1250QXG6444
Grillin' and Chillin' | 1250QXG2061
New Home | 1500QXG6151
Santa Baby | 1500QSR8044
The Best Medicine | 1000QXG2141
Always Remembered | 1650QXG6274
Baby's First Christmas | 1250QXG6104
Baby's First Christmas | 1500QXG6111
Grandson | 1000QXG6201
A Great Pair | 1650QXG6214
Peace, Goodwill to All Tree Topper | 3200QXT8331 | Light of Bethlehem | By Terri Steiger and Joanne Eschrich
Wrapped in Love | 1500QXT8321 | Light of Bethlehem | By Terri Steiger and Joanne Eschrich
Heaven and Nature Sing | 1500QXT8314 | Light of Bethlehem | By Terri Steiger and Joanne Eschrich
The Little Window-Shoppers | 2800QMP4002 | Artist Signing Event Piece

2007 Keepsake Ornaments

Time to Skate | 1000QXG7117
King of the Grill | 1250QXG2129
Coffee Lovers' Tree | 1250QXG2177
It's Beginning to Sound a Lot Like Christmas! | 1850QXG2209 | MP3 Player and Docking Station
Shoe Tree | 1400QXG2179
Goldchild | 1250QXG6217 | Designed by Terri Steiger | Sculpted by Katrina Bricker
Always Remembered | 1250QXG6227
Our Christmas Together | 1250QXG6439
Holiday Takeout | 1500QXG6137
New Home | 1250QXG6389
Here's To Friendship | 1500QXG6287 | Designed by Terri Steiger | Sculpted by Anita Marra Rogers
Shimmering Snowflake Tree Topper | 2800QXT8329 | South Pole Pals
Gingerbread Ornament Set and Display Stand | 3000QHF3119 | Designed by Joanne Eschrich and Terri Steiger

2006 Keepsake Ornaments

Star Tree Topper | 3600QFM3273
Our Christmas Together | 1250QXG2726 | Designed by Terri Steiger | Sculpted by Tammy Haddix

2005 Keepsake Ornaments

Grandparent Tree | 2495QEP1305
Jewelry Box | 2400QEP2027
Ornament for Mother | 1495QEP2028
Ornament for Grandmother | 1495QEP2036
Mom's Blossoms Vase and Frames | 2400QEP2023
Mom's Blossoms Frames | 1800QEP2024
Photo Frame for Mother | 2600QEP2021
Photo Frame for Grandmother | 2600QEP2022
Starter Kit | 1695QEP1389
Starter Kit | 1695QEP1391
Football | 995QXG4772
Music | 995QXG4792
Academics | 995QXG4795

2004 Keepsake Ornaments

A Collection of Memories | 2495QEP1371 | Family Tree
Favorite Memories | 995QEP1372 | Family Tree
Belong to Each Other | 995QEP1373 | Family Tree
Growing Together | 995QEP1374 | Family Tree
Starter Kit | 1695QEP1376 | Family Tree
Circle of Love | 1295QEP1377 | Family Tree
Happy Smiles | 1295QEP1379 | Family Tree
Precious Family Memories | 1295QEP1381 | Family Tree
"Countdown to Christmas" Tree | 3995QKK3001 | Keepsake Kids

Last updated 1/11/2018.

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