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2016 Keepsake Ornaments

Little Lamb | 1795QGO1234 | Baby's First Christmas Grandbaby's First Christmas | 1595QGO1244 Heirloom Angels | 1595QX9279 | 1st in the series Good Friends. Happy Hearts. | 995QGO1144 Better Together | 1295QGO1131 Peppermint Swirl | 1295QX9114 | 7th in the Christmas Cupcakes series Tasty Tannenbaum | 795QXM8584 New Parents | 1295QGO1274 All Things Are Possible | 1595QGO1324 Star of Bethlehem | 3495QGO1341 The Festival of Lights | 1795QGO1344 Christmas Cardinal | 1795QGO1481 All Is Cozy | 1795QGO1521 Holiday Wreath | 1795QGO1531 2016 Snowflake | 1595QGO1491 Letters for Santa | 1595QGO1411 Cupcakes for Christmas! | 1795QXE3144 Radiant Cross | 2995QGO1614 Happy Birthday! | 1595QXH1054 Graduation | 1795QHX1061 Follow Your Dreams | 1795QHX1014 | By Rodney Gentry and Ruth Donikowski

2015 Keepsake Ornaments

Time to Fly | 1795QHX1189 Petite Treat | 1QXC5247 Jolly Old St. Pickolas | 1795QGO1437 | By Ruth Donikowski and Valerie Shanks Dasher's Delivery | 1495QGO1447 | By Ruth Donikowski and Matt Johnson Tasty Tannenbaum | 1295QX9177 | 6th in the Christmas Cupcakes series Christmas Bells | 1795QGO1577 Country Santa | 1795QGO1557 | By Ruth Donikowski and Robert Hurlburt Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel | 1795QGO1529 A Grandmother's Love | 995QGO1309 Always Remembered | 1795QHX1177 Together Under the Mistletoe | 1495QGO1569 Baby's 1st Christmas Santa's Helper | 1495QGO1117 Best Teacher | 995QGO1699 Radiant Cross | 2995QGO1527

2014 Keepsake Ornaments

Cheerful Snowman | 4995LPR3393 | By Patricia Andrews and Ruth Donikowski Magical Snowman | 1795QGO1583 | By Ruth Donikowski and Robert Hurlburt 2014 Snowflake | 1495QGO1593 Sweet St. Nick | 995QX9106 | 5th in the Christmas Cupcakes series Little Snowflake | 795QXM8533 Sweet Surprise | 995QK5006 A Perfect Tree | 1795QGO1606 This Home Believes | 1795QGO1623 Star of David | 1495QGO1676 Grandkids Make Life Sweeter | 1295QGO1096 Merry Christmas! | 1995QGO1116 A Mother's Love | 1495QHG1206 Time to Fly | 1495QHG1223 Baby's First Christmas | 1995QGO1016 The Best Medicine | 995QGO1466 A Pinch of Love | 1295QGO1483 | By Ruth Donikowski and Debra Nielsen Runway Queen | 1495QGO1456 Itsy Bitsy Cupcake | 1295QFO5223

2013 Keepsake Ornaments

It's Snowing Sweetness! | 1LPR3352 | Repaint | Christmas Cupcakes | Limited Edition | Register to Win 2013 Snowflake | 1495QXG1375 It's Snowing Sweetness! | 995QX9072 | 4th in the Christmas Cupcakes series Santa's Sleigh | 1795QXG1385 | By Ruth Donikowski and Robert Hurlburt Bless This Home | 1795QXG1422 First Christmas Together | 1795QXG1892 Godchild | 1495QXG1852 Baby Girl's First Christmas | 1295QXG1812 Baby Boy's First Christmas | 1295QXG1815 A Wagon for Christmas | 1495QXG1332 | By Ruth Donikowski and Robert Hurlburt Teacher | 995QXG1495 A Year to Remember | 1495QXG1602 Close-Knit Friends | 1495QXG1595

2012 Keepsake Ornaments

Smart Cookie | 1795QXG4054 2012 Snowflake | 1495QXG3514 The Road Home | 1495QXG3504 Beautiful You | 1495QXG3524 Berry-licious! | 995QX8081 | 3rd in the Christmas Cupcakes series Making Mother-Daughter Memories | 1295QXG4754 Li'l Peanut | 1495QXG4644 Sweet Angel Cake | 1QXC5042 Season's Treatings! | 995QXE3074 Christmas Cupcakes | Limited Edition

2011 Keepsake Ornaments

2011 Snowflake | 1495QXG3519 Wishing Star | 1795QXG3579 The Christmas Star Tree Topper | 3995QXG3499 Simply Irresistible! | 995QX8869 | 2nd in the Christmas Cupcakes series Always Remembered | 1795QXG4159 | By Robert Hurlburt and Ruth Donikowski Close-Knit Sisters | 1295QXG4189 Like Mom, Like Daughter | 1295QXG4169 Forever Family | 1295QXG4309 Godchild | 1295QXG4209

2010 Keepsake Ornaments

Godchild | 1295QXG7646 Bundle of Joy | 1295QXG7673 | Baby's First Christmas Bundle of Joy | 1295QXG7676 | Baby's First Christmas Good Times at Grandma's | 1295QXG7463 Forever Friend | 1295QXG7473 Pretty Kitty | 1295QXG7476 A Cupful of Wishes | 1295QXG7346 High-Flying Fun | 1895QXG7353 Oh, So Sweet! | 995QX3073 | 1st in the Christmas Cupcakes series A Year to Remember | 1895QXG3143 Letters for Santa | 1495QXG7566 Caring Off the Charts! | 995QXG7453 Sole Sisters | 1295QXG7496 | By Ruth Donikowski and Debra Murray

2009 Keepsake Ornaments

Remembered with Love | 1250QXG6685 Like Mother, Like Daughter | 1250QXG6712 Baby's First Christmas | 1500QXD2062 | Winnie the Pooh Collection Health Care Pro | 1000QXG6662 The Ornament Express | 4000QXC9005 | Artist Signing Event Piece

Last updated 10/10/2016.

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