Nina Aubé

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Keepsake Artist Nina Aubé

Keepsake Artist Nina Aube

Nina Aubé

Title: Hallmark Artist
Date started at Hallmark: 1981
Date started at Keepsakes: 1994
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Nina Aubé was telling people she was going to be an artist almost from the day she first spoke in complete sentences.

She doesn't remember it herself, but her sisters recall a nearly perfect ear of corn sculpted from children's modeling clay by the self-proclaimed future artist. And their enthusiastic appreciation of Nina's efforts had much to do with her development. The sisters would even play art-based games together, a particular favorite of which Nina called "Draw in the Dark." You can easily guess how the game was played and how much giggling took place once the lights came on and the unpredictable results became visible.

Nina's artistic gifts occasionally caused problems at school. Classmates would plead with her to complete their art projects for them. And her attention during math class would sometimes be more strongly fixed on a sketch taking shape in the margin of a worksheet than on what was taking place at the chalkboard.

A running theme in Nina's art has been fashion. As a girl, she loved drawing women sporting the trendy styles of the '60s and '70s. If you look closely, you'll sometimes find unique clothing touches embellishing the signature sweetness of Nina Aubé's Keepsake Ornament designs.

Cookie Cutter Christmas

5th in the series

Nina Aubé likes to think inside the cookie cutter.

“A big part of the challenge and the fun is creating a scene and telling a story in this tiny little space,” Nina says, “and thinking of the food that will go into making that scene.”

For the fifth time, Nina has come up with a new and interesting direction for her Cookie Cutter Christmas ornaments, which became a series after the first one debuted with the Keepsake Ornament Club.

Inspiration came from her grandmother’s old aluminum cookie-cutter set that Nina inherited years ago. “I still have them,” Nina says. The baking theme extends to almost every piece of the scene, like this year’s candy-cane skates, gumdrop bushes and mint ice cream sundaes as evergreens. And because she grew up in apartments in Chicago, where small pets were the rule, the mouse has always seemed like a natural fit for the space. “I’m a city kid, and we always had hamsters, gerbils and birds,” Nina says. “I still gravitate toward those—I have two parrots now.”

She starts with an illustration, which is turned into a 3-D digital model. Then she uses the model to sculpt the original by hand. But even before that, she has to painstakingly research the various sweets that might work best. “I buy lots of different kinds of candy, and after I’m done with my research, I eat it,” Nina says, laughing. “And I really like candy, so it works out well.”

Be Mine, Cookie Cutter Mouse!

1st in the Cookie Cutter Through the Year series

What happens when you take that same cookie-cutter concept and branch out to different seasons of the year? You get a fun six-part series! Debuting in 2017, the series features copper-toned cookie cutters rather than silver-toned and a gray mouse instead of a brown one. Nina had to research the correct shading for vintage copper, since all of her inherited cookie cutters are aluminum.

The scenes reflect something distinctive about each month, starting with a sweet little cottage for Valentine’s Day in Be Mine, Cookie Cutter Mouse! Cookie Cutter Leprechaun has a St. Patrick’s Day scene with the mouse sliding down a rainbow toward gold chocolate coins. Happy Easter, Cookie Cutter Mouse! has an Easter theme (“That’s my favorite one!” Nina says) with the mouse painting a chocolate bunny. Cookie Cutter Spring has a garden with the mouse watering flowers, Cookie Cutter Summer has the mouse on a swirl-candy bicycle and Cookie Cutter Vacation is a beach scene. All of the scenes started with Nina’s illustrations.


Nina’s favorite kind of vacation to-do list?

1. Find a beach.
2. Do nothing.

That’s the inspiration for this snowman on a chaise with a drink in his hand and a palm tree nearby. “Those are the places I like to chill out,” Nina says. “Since he’s a snowman, he’s chilling but he’s also melting.”

Any beach is fine with her. She’s been to exotic destinations like Hawaii, the Cayman Islands and Jamaica. “Hawaii is my favorite but any beach is good with me, even in Chicago on Lake Michigan,” Nina says. “It brings back good memories of places I’ve been and makes me think of places I’d like to go.”

Over the years, her family has also taken many trips to Florida and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. “We grew up near Lake Michigan, so we’ve always loved the water,” Nina says.

She sculpted this ornament by hand, starting with clay and a composite wood that doesn’t have any grain so it can be easily sanded and cut. It’s a magic ornament that plays music from “Kokomo” performed by The Beach Boys.

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