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Keepsake Artist Lisa Vogel

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Lisa Vogel

Title: Hallmark Production Artist
Date started at Hallmark: 1984
Date started at Keepsakes: 1995
Hometown: Springfield, Missouri

Lisa Vogel is an expert painter with an unusual canvas: Keepsake Ornaments. She can take a "white body," which is Keepsake language for an unpainted ornament, and find the right mix of colors to bring it to life for your Christmas tree. She even "paints" with fabric and ribbons as she creates clothing and other attachments for the ornaments.

Lisa has been drawing and painting her whole life. Even when she joined Hallmark via the manufacturing department, she was asked to paint walls of buildings or stripes on floors. So when she had the opportunity to take a painting test for Keepsakes, she jumped at the chance.

Among her favorite Keepsake treasures are the Hauntington town shops and buildings. Of the pieces she has worked on, Lisa loves the 2004 Wizard of Oz® ornament "I'm Melting!"

Lisa is proud of all the work she does, but on her personal side, she can name her top three favorites. Her supportive husband, Paul, is number one, followed by their two sons—Zac, who is now raising a son with his wife, Kristy, and P.J. "Paul," who is in college and training as a firefighter.

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