Keepsake Ornaments by Jake Angell

2017 Keepsake Ornaments

I Am Four! | 1295QGO1419
I Am Five! | 1295QGO1427
I Am Three! | 1295QGO1467
I Am Two! | 1295QGO1459
I Am One! | 1295QGO1457
Superhero in Scrubs | 1295QGO1755
Raised Royal™ | 1595QSR1622 | Kansas City Royals™
Texas Santa | 1595QSR6004
Texas Tom | 1595QXI2995 | Tom and Jerry
We Are the Champions | 1795QGO1032
Star Wars: The Last Jedi™ Praetorian Guard™ | 1795QXI2255
A Symbol of Hope | 1995QXI2202 | Superman™
P-5000 Powered Work Loader | 1995QXI3425 | Aliens
Countdown to Christmas | 2495QGO1425
The Sorting Hat | 2495QHE1883 | Harry Potter™
U.S.S. Franklin™ | 3295QXI3405 | STAR TREK BEYOND
Yoda™ | 795QKK3533
Darth Vader™ | 795QKK3536
Mickey Mouse | 795QKK3543
Minnie Mouse | 795QKK3546
Ariel | 795QKK3553
Belle | 795QKK3556
BATMAN™ | 795QKK3563
Wonder Woman™ | 795QXM8635 | Justice League
Superman™ | 795QXM8642 | Justice League

2016 Keepsake Ornaments

Fly | 1795QGO1041
"The Man Trap" | 2995QXI3401 | Star Trek™
Grimlock | 1595QXI3141 | Transformers
Slam Dunk Snoopy | 1295QXI3304
Kickin' with Snoopy | 1295QXI3311
Touchdown Snoopy | 1295QXI3314
Slugger Snoopy | 1295QXI3321
Mouse Trouble | 1595QXI3014  | Tom and Jerry
A Harry Potter Collection | 1595QXM8514  | Harry Potter™
Slinging and Swinging Spider-Man | 2495QXI3464 | By Jake Angell and Orville Wilson
I Am One! | 1295QGO1457
I Am Two! | 1295QGO1459
I Am Three! | 1295QGO1467
I Am Four! | 1295QGO1419
I Am Five! | 1295QGO1427
Star Wars™: Rogue One™ | 1795QXI3631

2015 Keepsake Ornaments

Jiminy Cricket | 1495QXE3719 | Disney Pinocchio
Grinch Peekbuster | 1995QXI2767 | Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas!™
Rhinestone Cowboy | 1795QGO1009
Rock And Roll All Nite | 1795QGO1017 | By Robert Chad and Jake Angell
Takin' Care of Business | 1795QGO1019
Girls Just Want to Have Fun | 1795QGO1039
I Am One! | 1295QGO1457
I Am Two! | 1295QGO1459
I Am Three! | 1295QGO1467
I Am Four! | 1295QGO1419
I Am Five! | 1295QGO1427
Soccer Star | 1295QGO1409
Star Slugger | 1295QGO1399
Basketball Star | 1295QGO1417
Football Star | 1295QGO1407
It Takes Two | 1795QXD6109 | Mickey and Minnie
Yo, Rugman! | 1795QXD6159 | Disney Aladdin

2014 Keepsake Ornaments

Who You Callin’ "Chicken"? | 1495QXE3726 | Foghorn Leghorn—LOONEY TUNES
Yoda™ Peekbuster | 1995QXI2586 | Star Wars™
I Want You to Want Me | 1795QGO1256
Sugar, Sugar | 1795QGO1553
Hiccup and Toothless | 1495QXI2643 | How To Train Your Dragon 2
Hulk Smash! | 1795QXI2776 | The Incredible Hulk™
The Great Gonzo | 1995QXD6126 | The Muppets
Lockheed Martin SR-71 Blackbird | 1795QXI2853
Holy Cow | 1495QGO1636  | By Jake Angell and Jim Kemme

2013 Keepsake Ornaments

Santa's Magic Storybook | 1995QXG1342
Crush and Squirt | 1795QX9135 | Disney•Pixar Finding Nemo | 3rd in the Disney•Pixar Legends series
Finn and Jake | 1495QXI2315 | Adventure Time™
Iron Patriot™ | 1495QXI2005 | Iron Man 3™
Jango Fett | 1495QXI2225 | Star Wars™: Attack of the Clones™
Stand-Up Skeleton | 2495QFO5202

Last updated 1/3/2018.

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