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2017 Keepsake Ornaments

Our Christmas Together | 1795QGO1282
Shoe-sational! | 1595QXI3452 | Barbie™ Ornament Special Edition
Dream Horse—Friesian | 1295QGO1585
Our Family...Our Christmas | 1595QGO1112
A Pony for Christmas | 1595QX9315 | 20th in the series
Anchored in Faith | 1595QGO1325 | By Debra Nielsen and Terri Steiger
Amor de una Abuela | 1295QSM7835 | By Debra Nielsen and Edythe Kegrize
Wedding Cake | 2995QHE1889
Wedding Mickey and Minnie | 3995QHE1890
Celebrating Charter Members | 1QXC1471
A Pony for Christmas | 1QXC9315

2016 Keepsake Ornaments

American Paint Horse | 1295QGO1301
Mom to Be | 1295QGO1261 | By Debra Nielsen and Edythe Kegrize
Baby Boy's First Christmas | 1595QGO1251 | By Debra Nielsen and Edythe Kegrize
Baby Girl's First Christmas | 1595QGO1254 | By Debra Nielsen and Edythe Kegrize
Godchild | 1595QGO1354
The Joy of Giving | 1595QGO1471
Faithful Friend Forever | 1595QHX1011
A Pony for Christmas | 1595QX9141 | 19th in the series
Wedding Day | 1795QHX1021
Just for Mom | 1795QHX1064
Celebrate Christmas | 1795QGO1641
Happy Holidays | 1995QGO1134
Grandma | 995QGO1164 | By Debra Nielsen and Edythe Kegrize
Snowman Ballerina | 1595QX9134 | 21st in the Madame Alexander series
Picnic Set | 1595QXE3121
Shoe-sational! | 1595QXI3451 | Barbie™ Ornament Special Edition
Shoe-sational! | 1QMP4097 | Barbie™ Ornament Special Edition
A Day at the Beach | 1595QGO1634
Autumn Blessings | 1795QXE3151 | Designed by Marjolein Bastin | By Jim Kemme and Debra Nielsen

2015 Keepsake Ornaments

Glinda the Good Witch™ | 2495QXC5107 | Madame Alexander®
A Little Jingle | 1295LPR3379
A Pony for Christmas | 1495QX9149 | 18th in the series
Wendy Wishes You a Merry Christmas | 1495QX9147 | 20th in the Madame Alexander® series
Celebrate Christmas | 1795QGO1597
Christmas Wishes | 1495QGO1559
Noah's Ark | 1795QGO1489
Mom & Daughter Memories | 1295QGO1237
Niece | 995QGO1299
Nephew | 995QGO1297
Our Family | 1295QGO1257
Merry & Bright | 1995QGO1307
Dream Horse—American Quarter Horse | 1295QGO1377
Bon Appétit | 1295QGO1687 | By Debra Nielsen and Steve Goslin
A Day at the Beach | 1495QGO1677

2014 Keepsake Ornaments

Dorothy™ in the Poppy Fields | 2495QXC5016 | Madame Alexander®
Making Sweet Memories | 4995LPR3443 | Ornament Tree
Wendy Celebrates Madame's 90th Anniversary | 1495QX9136 | 19th in the Madame Alexander® series
Snow Much Fun! | 1795QGO1563
Anchored in Faith | 1495QGO1343
'Tis the Season for Family | 1295QGO1056
Graduation | 1295QHG1213
Our Wedding | 1495QGO1153
Dream Horse—Palomino | 1295QGO1303
Ruby Slippers™ | 1795QXI2493 | The Wizard of Oz™
A Pinch of Love | 1295QGO1483 | By Ruth Donikowski and Debra Nielsen
You Lucky Dog Antiques | 1495QGO1496

2013 Keepsake Ornaments

Halloween Wicked Witch of the West | 2495QXC5071 | Madame Alexander®
Sending Christmas Cheer | 1495QX9112 | 18th in the Madame Alexander® series
A World of Wonder | 1795QXG1365 | By Debra (Murray) Nielsen and Julie Forsyth
Let Your Faith Show! | 1495QXG1405 | By Debra (Murray) Nielsen and Becky Hottel
Grandkids Are a Treat! | 1295QXG1962 | By Tammy Haddix and Debra (Murray) Nielsen
Dream Horse | 1295QXG1325
Put on Your Party Shoes! | 1495QXG1565 | By Debra (Murray) Nielsen and Steve Goslin
The Plaza Lights | 1495QHG1205

2012 Keepsake Ornaments

Colonial Christmas | 1495QX8304 | 17th in the Madame Alexander® series
The Shoe Chandelier | 1795QXI2684 | Barbie™ Ornament
Tweed Indeed™ Barbie® Doll  | 1795QXI2681 | Barbie™ Ornament
Quick Curl® Barbie® Beauty Center® | 1795QXI2711 | Barbie™ Ornament

2011 Keepsake Ornaments

Santa's Reindeer | 1995QXG3599
Yuletide Shopper | 1495QX8827 | 16th in the Madame Alexander® series
Spotlight on Shoes | 1795QXI2867 | Barbie™ Ornament
It's All in the Shoes! | 1495QXE3039 | The Wizard of Oz™ Special Edition

2010 Keepsake Ornaments

Sole Sisters | 1295QXG7496 | By Debra Murray & Ruth Donikowski
Shoe-sational! | 1QMP4024 | Barbie™ Ornament Special Edition | By Debra Murray & Edythe Kegrize

2009 Keepsake Ornaments

Truffle Tree | 1250QXG6612
The Ornament Express | 4000QXC9005 | Color Event Piece

Last updated 1/2/2018.

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