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2016 Keepsake Ornaments

Ginger Girl | 795QGO1709
Ginger Boy | 795QGO1717
The Big Guy | 795QGO1727
Penguin Pal | 795QGO1729

2015 Keepsake Ornaments

Godchild | 1495QGO1137
Cool Friends | 1495QGO1619
Stitched Stocking | 795QGO1719
Ginger Girl | 795QGO1709
Ginger Boy | 795QGO1717
The Big Guy | 795QGO1727
Penguin Pal | 795QGO1729
Snowy Pal | 795QGO1737
Special Delivery | 795QGO1739
Super Sled | 795QGO1747
Skating Party | 795QGO1749

2014 Keepsake Ornaments

Like Mom Like Daughter | 1295QGO1123 | By Tammy Haddix and Becky Hottel
Like Dad Like Son | 1295QGO1126 | By Tammy Haddix and Becky Hottel
Always Remembered | 1795QGO1146 | By Tammy Haddix and Becky Hottel
Godchild | 1495QGO1036 | By Nina Aube and Becky Hottel
You're Amazing, Girl | 1495QGO1363 | By Becky Hottel and Robert Hurlburt
Thank You, Teacher | 995QGO1473

2013 Keepsake Ornaments

One Snowman Band | 3495QXG1782 | By Becky Hottel and Robert Hurlburt
Let Your Faith Show! | 1495QXG1405 | By Becky Hottel and Debra (Murray) Nielsen
Baby's First Christmas | 1495QXG1855
Reach for the Stars | 1495QXG1002
Happy Holiday Friends | 1495QXG1605

2012 Keepsake Ornaments

Blessed by Each Other | 1295QXG4611
Light of Love | 1295QXG4631
Snow in Love | 1295QXG4534
Godchild | 1495QXG4664
Baby Boy's First Christmas | 1295QXG4614
Baby Girl's First Christmas | 1295QXG4634
Heartfelt Healthcare | 995QXG4334
Looking Good for the Lord | 1495QSM7771

2011 Keepsake Ornaments

Silly Sounds Elf | 1795QXG4759 | By Becky Hottel and Mike Adair
Grandkids Make Life Sweeter | 1295QXG4069
Baby's First Christmas | 1495QXG4279
She's Got Hat-itude! | 1495QXG4837    

2010 Keepsake Ornaments

Sweet Treat Elf | 795QXM9073
A Cheery Masterpiece | 1295QXI2256 | Crayola®
Wrapped in Love | 1295QXG7513

2009 Keepsake Ornaments

Sledding Snowman | 1250QLZ3901
Piano Prodigy | 1000QXG6792
Soccer Is a Kick! | 1000QXG6735 | By Sharon Visker and Becky Hottel
The Ornament Express | 4000QXC9005 | Polar Bears, Penguins & Handcar | Event Piece

Last updated 1/24/2018.

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