Happy Go Luckys

Happy Go Luckys

It's time to get happy

Happy Go Luckys are undeniably adorable, and go about life in the very best way—happy, of course! Minihappolis is their happenin' home town, where each Happy Go Lucky has a story to tell and adventures to share. Happy Go Luckys travel together in groups of 3 called “Happy Packs,” making them extra fun to collect—especially when a rare character appears! With 64 Happy Go Luckys in all, there’s sure to be one that finds its way to your heart.

Get an adorable introduction to ten Happy Go Luckys

Firehouse Happy Pack with Cappie the hat, Big Red the firetruck and Bernie the flame.
Puppy Loves Happy Pack with Fetch the bone, Midnight the puppy and Flo the fire hydrant.
Cat’s Meow Happy Pack with Squeakers the mouse, Gabby the cat and Knit-Wit the ball of yarn.
Happy B-Day Happy Pack with Junior the cake, Topper the party hat and Bowie the gift.
Safari Squad Happy Pack with Emery the elephant, Rorey the lion and Zig Zag the zebra.
Breakfast Buds Happy Pack with Sprinkles the donut, Kevin the bacon and Sunny the egg.
Under the Sea Happy Pack with Finn the clownfish, Sea Sea the seahorse and Ocho the octopus.

20 Happy Packs in all, with more on the way in 2018!

More Happy Go Luckys Fun

Wish List

Check off your Happy Packs, one at a time! Download a Wish List to make collecting easy and fun.

Download the Wish List

Coloring pages

Color your favorite characters however makes you happiest! These printable coloring pages are free to download.

Download coloring pages


Limited Editions

Characters like Spot, Dottie and others are a rare sight in Minihappolis, and in Hallmark stores. Can you find and collect them all?