Business Greetings

Everyday Business Greetings

Every day, most of us spend about eight hours putting our personal lives aside as we focus on the professional world.

That’s why we created Hallmark Business Greetings and Hallmark Business Connections—two approaches to offering those in the business world a way to strengthen relationships and create deeper connections.

Hallmark Business Connections

We help businesses build and strengthen the relationships that make them thrive. Join over half of the Fortune 100 and boost your bottom line with our easy-to-implement programs in the areas of Customer Engagement, Wellness Engagement and Employee Recognition. Visit the site to see how we can help you engage the people who make your business thrive.   Learn more about Hallmark Business Connections

Customer Engagement

Consumer engagement

Hallmark Business Connections is in the people business, we have the expertise and proprietary research that let us communicate with diverse audiences. With a sensitivity toward cultural and gender differences, we not only send the right message, we inspire the right actions. Whether you want to make a connection with one or one million, we’ll partner to inspire that just-for-me feeling.

When you actively engage your customers at a personal level and create experiences with genuine emotion, they’ll go above and beyond to post positive reviews and suggest your company to friends. Our Customer Engagement services are intended to initiate this kind of personal, meaningful exchange—offering your employees ways to reach out to your customers and let them know that the things that matter to them matter to you too.

Wellness engagement

How’s this for a workout? Come up with a wellness solution that fits every age and lifestyle, every interest and level of fitness around the clock—AND be inspiring, motivational and fun. Hallmark Business Connections is up for that challenge. Our wellness engagement programs motivate more than 20 million people per year to be better than they thought they could be.

With easy-to-use mobile tracking, incentives that emphasize personal choice, and relevant, engaging messages, participants will feel like the program was created just for them. Your results: Morale and productivity go on the upswing as sick days go down (along with your healthcare costs).

To help you along, we offer a collection of health-themed cards, eCards, invitations and posters for inspirational support plus merchandise designed to applaud milestones and achievements. Plus, we have rewards that can be redeemed for gift cards from hundreds of retailers, restaurants and recreation providers.

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Employee recognition

Our recognition solutions engage people because our programs are so much more than a system of awards and rewards. Employees go above and beyond when they feel valued as individuals. We help you show all of your employees that they matter and their efforts are appreciated.

You’ll create the “You-made-the-difference” moments in meaningful, memorable ways. These motivational experiences are what lead people to even more stellar performances with bigger, better, measurable results for your company.