Mydung Cong and Hanh Crow

Mydung and Hanh


Mydung and Hanh (pronounced Mee-Yoon and Hawn) are sisters who have each worked at Hallmark for over 30 years. They arrived in the United States from Vietnam after the fall of Saigon in 1975. Prior to Mydung’s recent retirement from Hallmark, she and Hanh partnered on a collection of gifts inspired by the lotus, a flower that reminds them, “Hope is always there if we choose it.”


Mydung Cong’s School: I attended Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Illinois, and graduated with a bachelor of art degree.


Inspiration: Nature, beautiful lettering, colorful fabrics and yarns, beautiful papers and magazines, music and poems.


Themes I’m drawn to: I focus on emotional and aesthetic expressions.


Best advice: Hallmarker Paul Barker told me that, “Creativity stops when you find no fun in doing your work.”


Happy place (when I’m being creative): While at Hallmark, I worked best in my booth, with a lot of room to spread out my work to look at it and to make fixes. I like to work in silence.


Favorite work of art (so far): My favorite product is the large teal ceramic vase with the quote, “There is no such thing as an ordinary flower.” This is from the Mydung and Hanh Collection we recently completed.

Hanh Crow’s School: I attended Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas, where I studied interior design.


Inspiration: Colors! They are my true passion.


Themes I’m drawn to: My work is all about hope and happiness.


Best advice: I was once told to write down all the ideas that come to my head. They arise out of nowhere and fail to show up later!


Happy place (when I’m being creative): I work best in a quiet place to allow my mind to wander. I like to work in my own studio at home so I can be alone and never have to clean up the mess!


Favorite work of art (so far): My favorite is the gift collection that I created with my sister. It reminds me of my childhood, growing up with lots of lotuses around.

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