Lynn Giunta

Lynn Giunta
Lynn Giunta cards

Her mom, loads of sequins, some felt and a little motivation from the Girl Scouts—that was all Lynn needed for an art-filled day when she was little. Those early craft projects fueled her love of art, which became focused on graphic design and lettering when she was in college.


Hometown and school: I was born in Cumberland, Maryland, but I grew up in Lincoln, Illinois. I went to the University of Missouri in Columbia. I stumbled into a calligraphy class my sophomore year and that totally changed the direction I’d been going.

Inspiration: Hmmmm…I love color, graphic shapes, lettering of any kind. I’m drawn to work that is simple and not overdone—happy things, positive words, cut paper shapes and beautiful color palettes.

Best advice: “You can do this.” (Great advice from my calligraphy teacher, Marilyn Holsinger.)

Happy place (when I’m being creative): If you were sitting here in my space you’d have a lot to look at. I surround myself with inspiration—things I’ve done, things friends have done, pieces that I’ve printed off the Internet. There’s a whole lot of color and lettering. I look around at all of this and I remember why I love being an artist. (And no music—I like hearing other people around me—I feel too cut off when I’m plugged in.)

Favorite card (so far): My favorite card before my artist collection was a Signature card that simply had the word “shine” on it. It was reproduced in a way that looked like the collage artwork that I like to make. It felt really good to hold in your hands, and the words were inspirational. I sent it to a bunch of people.

Lynn Giunta cards
Lynn Giunta cards

When I’m not working: I love my family!! My husband and I have three awesome sons—they’re almost grown up, but they still like to hang out with us. They’re all smart and creative—we like to cook big meals together, play cards, watch movies, walk dogs and have an occasional Ping-Pong tournament.

What it’s like being a card artist at Hallmark: It is an amazing job. I feel really fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn and grow from the talented people who work here.

Favorite fan moment: I get to do a lot of tours, and I sometimes work over at the Hallmark Visitor’s Center. Often, someone will see a sample card I have sitting out and make the connection between that printed card that they’d seen in a store and me.

Did you know?


“I have worked at Hallmark for more than 30 years! I came here right from college and started in the lettering department. True story: I started dating my supervisor and didn’t realize that was unprofessional and against the rules. We’ve been married now for 27 years.”

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