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Livy Long, Hallmark Artist

Hallmark Artist Livy Long knows just how comfortable her “comfort zone” can be. But she also knows that’s not where the fun stuff happens. When it comes to her design work—and her life—Livy is a blend of order and chaos. A self-admitted neat freak, habitual list maker, and avid runner, she’s also known for trying just about anything when it comes to her art.


When I started at Hallmark: I’ve been at Hallmark as part of the Lettering Studio for 2 years, plus a summer internship between my junior and senior years of college.

Hometown and school: I’m from Pennsylvania and studied illustration at Ringling College of Art and Design.

What’s your artist collection all about? My collection is all about positivity, excitement and hope for the future. (Plus a little organizational swag … because I am a neat freak after all.) When I was asked to create this collection, I reflected on what life experiences a fresh-out-of-school 23-year-old could possibly express—and I realized that all I wanted to say was that I’m in this new phase, happily learning, constantly growing and very optimistic about what my future will hold if I keep exploring and redefining my own boundaries. I think that’s a theme that most people can relate to, no matter what age or new phase they might be in.

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Livy Long accessories, pencil bags and journals

Inspiration: I find visual inspiration in just about everything…fresh, unusual color choices; bold and graphic shapes; and authentic, textured marks. I’m a lover of all sorts of lettering styles and directions and usually drool over crafted vintage designs, but I’m equally excited about minimalist and stark graphics as well.

Themes I’m drawn to: I love work (lettering or illustration or both!) that reflects a positive or encouraging message—anything that feels like it’s been created with care and craft. I try to keep a few of these things in my work area to keep me motivated and on track.

Best advice: “Never become complacent.” I try to consistently raise the bars in my life—be it professionally or personally—so I always have some new goal to focus on and progress to fight for.

Happy place (when I’m being creative): I usually need to feel like I’m in my own world to tap into my creative flow, so if I’m at the office, I am always listening to music with huge wireless headphones on, making it extra fun for coworkers to grab my attention. (Sorry for that, guys!) A clean desk is my second go-to creative rule.  When I’m starting a new project, I need to feel like everything else is in its own place so I can focus better and turn off all my other concerns.

Best part of working at Hallmark: In my position in the Visual Studios, I’m constantly surrounded by people who are masters of their craft. From the time my internship started through the last few years, I’ve grown so much as an artist just from having the pleasure of working with such talented people. To say I have some mentors here would be an understatement. Everyone is welcoming and willing to share creative tips and processes, and it’s an environment where, at the end of the day, we’re all excited to see each other grow and make great stuff.

When I’m not working: I love spending time outdoors, looking through design books, exercising, and cooking.


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