Keion Jackson

Keion Jackson


Keion Jackson believes that God is nice—always there, dusting us off, cheering us on and sending us back into the game. Keion also believes that faith isn’t just something you have—it’s something you use. And a big part of practicing faith is the practice part.

Keion’s collection offers quotes that encourage believers, like him, who aren’t perfect…just a little bit better than they were yesterday.


Hometown, school and family: I am from Port Allen, Louisiana. I graduated from Clark Atlanta University, with a degree in mass media arts.

My parents have sacrificed a lot. They worked really hard to carve out a safe space for my sister and me to dream. It wasn’t always easy, but they made sure we had a fertile place to grow. I always knew that no matter what, I would be safe, I would be warm, and I would be loved. The older I get, the more I appreciate that gift.


Inspiration: Chris Rock. Motown. Cameron Crowe movies. Graduation ceremonies. The neighborhood I grew up in. Grandmothers. OutKast. Praise and worship. Aretha Franklin’s inauguration hat. Happy people. August Wilson plays. Sad people. Small talk. Marching bands. Acts of kindness. Romans 8:28. Movies about a guy who meets a girl, and they immediately hate each other, but then they fall in love, but then they hate each other again, but then they fall in love again.


Themes I’m drawn to: I love writing about community, belief and redemption.

Keion Jackson's collection
Keion Jackson's collection

Best advice: When I was in college, I went to my teacher’s office and said, “Ms. Leon, I wanna be a writer. What should I do?” Without missing a beat she said, “Write.” I was like, Oh. In that moment, I realized that I am who I say I am. We don’t need stamps to validate us. I’m a writer because I write.


Happy place (when I’m being creative): I work best when I’m sitting at a desk. If I write in bed, I’m going to fall asleep. If I write on the sofa, I’m going to fall asleep. If I’m going to be productive at all, I need to be uncomfortable.


When I’m not working: I enjoy digging through that giant $4.99 DVD bin at Wal-Mart.

Favorite work of art I’ve created (so far): My book “Because Jesus.”


A typical day at Hallmark for you: It’s like summer camp, except you get paid for doing arts and crafts.


Favorite fan moment: I wouldn’t say that I have any “fans.” But I’ve gotten feedback from some really cool people who enjoy my work. Every interaction is a blessing. It’s a great feeling when you put your heart into something and then it touches somebody else’s. It’s super humbling. I mean…there’s a lot of writing out there. It’s flattering that somebody would even take the time to read mine.

Keion Jackson's book “Because Jesus.”

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