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From kid-art critters to intricate folk-art flowers, Flora loves to weave the two sides of her imagination together.


Hometown and school: I am from Taipei, Taiwan. I went to graduate school at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco; my major was graphic design.


Inspiration: I love things that are made by hand. I am inspired by organic lines, shapes and colors—you know, things that are not “perfect” but have warmth. I love going to flea markets, and I am always looking for folk-art pieces while I am there. I collect what I can afford and display them around my home. They make me happy!

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Themes I’m drawn to: I have two sides. On one hand, I love making art for kids. I love to doodle cute critters and imaginary friends for the little ones. On the other hand, I love to draw intricate, folk-art inspired flowers, birds, cats, geometric shapes, and human figures. Both styles co-exist in my work. Sometimes they show up together, sometimes they work separately.


Best advice: Learn as much as you can and teach what you know. You’ve learned that from somebody somewhere, and you should give back by teaching others whenever you have a chance.

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Happy place (when I’m being creative): I don’t usually listen to music when I work in the office. I like to be able to hear what’s going on around me. I love having coworkers there to bounce ideas with, and I love chatting with them as I work; they make me laugh all the time. When I work on my personal projects at home, I do crank up music, and of course, I would be working in my PJs.


When I’m not working: All my family are still in Taiwan. My parents are both retired teachers, and I have one younger sister who studied Industrial Design at school but is now a professional Zumba teacher.

Besides creating products for Hallmark, I like to draw for myself. I carry my little 4”x6” sketchbook and black markers with me all the time, so I can draw whenever an idea strikes. Recently, I have been having fun doing some small watercolor pieces at home whenever I have time. I want to familiarize myself with this unpredictable yet really lovely medium and get more comfortable with it.

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