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Father Christmas ornament sketch

Joanne Eschrich’s childhood was built on a foundation of faith. She has always felt the presence of angels; they’ve been there as blessings and support throughout her life. Joanne hopes her sculptures serve as peaceful reminders of faith, hope and love.

Hometown and school: I’m from a small town south of Boston, called Westport. I studied illustration and design at University of Massachusetts.

Favorite work of art (so far): So far, it’s the porcelain angel that will be out this year. (I used my daughter as my model.) The angel has lasered metal wings, and the delicate flowers were each attached by hand.

Themes I’m drawn to: Angelic things, Santas, snowmen and beautiful, mixed-media pieces.

Inspiration: Wow…about a thousand things a day. Color, new things I see online, friends, work, my daughters and what inspires them, my mom, traveling, lots of stuff!

Angel figure
Cross and plaque

When I’m not working: I come from a large Portuguese family back east. When my two daughters and I are not traveling back there to visit, we’re running around to high school and college events. Both girls are graduating this May, so we have a lot going on this year!

Best advice: “You’ll never be good in 3D; stick to illustration.” It made me strive harder than ever to learn it.

Happy place (when I’m being creative): My kitchen table has always been my favorite place to work…even when working on college assignments way back when. I like activity and music around me—working in an open space.

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Fun Fact


“On a few occasions, my daughters have brought my original sculptures along with the finished ornaments to ‘show and tell’ at their school. They love seeing ‘Mom’ on the back of the ornament boxes at the store.”

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