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As a child, Ken tore apart every toy he ever had to see how it worked. He even made other toys out of the spare parts. For Ken, Keepsake Ornaments will forever keep him connected with that inquisitive kid inside.

Hometown and school: I grew up in Long Beach, California, but I spent summers on my grandparents’ farm in Fulton, Missouri. I graduated from the University of Missouri in Columbia where I studied art and journalism.

Inspiration: Animation of all kinds. I especially am fascinated with mechanical 3-D animation.


Themes I’m drawn to: Toys. Trains. Traditional Christmas. Disney.

Best advice: The best I received was: Follow your dream. You are able to do greater things than what you think.

Happy place (when I’m being creative): I work best in my own little world. I prefer to be alone sitting next to a sunlit window with 1960s music playing in the background.

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Favorite work of art (so far): I have feelings about them all. My favorite is the one that makes the most people happy. I create things to make people’s lives better. I am fortunate that I like the things that I work on also.

Favorite family memory: The most fun that I have had with my family is going on vacations—riding trains all over the United States and in England and France.

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“As a child, I loved taking toys apart to see how they worked. Keepsake Ornaments keep me connected with that inquisitive kid inside.”

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