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Hallmark Artist Katrina Bricker
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Katrina Bricker always knew that art was what she wanted to do. No doubts, no questions. She credits her mother, an art teacher, with instilling her creative joy.

Hometown and school: I grew up in Lawrence Park, a small township just outside of Erie, Pennsylvania. I studied at Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio, graduating with a major in illustration and minor in advertising. It was an instructor at my college who first introduced me to Keepsake Ornaments. After touring Hallmark, he told his 3-D illustration students about how Keepsake Ornaments were created. I thought, “That’s what I want to do.” I started building a portfolio tailored to becoming a Keepsake Ornament artist. I started working as a Keepsake Artist right out of school in 1995.

Inspiration: Many things inspire me, but I especially like looking at the work of other artists. My first sculpture was of Garfield, the comic strip character, in third grade. Now, I also enjoy looking at rustic sculptures, maybe because they are such a contrast to the Disney characters I usually create.

Themes I’m drawn to: Most of my work for Keepsake Ornaments has been on Disney princesses. I’ve always had a soft spot for Disney because my dad loved Disney. I’ve been to Disney World 13 times and find it magical every time. Working on Disney characters allows me to revisit my fond childhood memories. There’s just something about that idyllic “happily ever after” that fascinates me.

Wedding Mickey and Minnie ornament
Hispanic dancer ornament

Best advice: A visiting artist at my college once told me to only put artwork in my portfolio that I love to do. If you hated working with pastels, then don’t add them to your work. Otherwise, you’ll end up being hired to work with a medium you dislike.

Happy place (when I’m being creative): My studio looks out on a field that is filled with all kinds of animals—deer, rabbits and coyotes. I like to have something playing in the background while I work. It’s usually audiobooks of period pieces like Jane Eyre.

Favorite work of art (so far): I have to say Little Mermaid is among my favorite Disney princesses that I’ve sculpted. I think I identify with her a little more than the others. When I was younger, I had long red hair. And where I grew up near Lake Erie, fishing was a major pastime.

When I’m not working: I live in a suburb of Kansas City with my husband and two kids. Even though we don’t live on a farm, we have six chickens. We enjoy eating the eggs, but it is really more of a thing we do as a family. It’s great fun to watch them, and it’s really not as hard as you might think.

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“I love to create ornaments—the feel of the wax in my hands and the challenge of working with it until it looks the way I envisioned it in my head. My goal is to make it into something that will help someone make a good memory or put a smile on someone’s face.”

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