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Edythe Kegrize
Western Tanager ornament sketch

Edythe has had an in-depth love of three-dimensional art ever since she was young. She remembers making all kinds of creations from scraps around the house, including a tiny paper television with pictures that rotated with the turn of a knob and a crèche fashioned out of laundry detergent and food coloring.

Hometown and school: I grew up in Philadelphia. I majored in illustration at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia.

Favorite work (so far): It’s very difficult to name a favorite piece.  I’d like to think it is one I haven’t done yet. The ornaments in the Beauty of Birds series are probably my favorite to work on and the ones I hang on my own Christmas tree.

Inspiration: Forms in nature, like seashells, flowers and seed pods, amaze and inspire me with their intricacy and architecture. I also draw inspiration for forms and finishes from art glass, vintage jewelry and ornate glass buttons.

Themes I’m drawn to: My 24 years of illustrating greeting cards before joining Keepsakes has carried over to my ornament designs. I incorporate decorative surface designs on many of my ornaments. Even my Beauty of Birds series is more of an idealized decorative interpretation of each bird rather than a realistic one.

Beauty and elegance are traits I strive for in my work, but I also like to dabble in more playful and sweet stylings occasionally. Many of my ornaments have been inspired by childhood memories of Christmas, like baking cookies with my mom and sister, decorating the house or making handcrafted ornaments for the tree.

New Home ornament
Piano ornament

Best advice: The best advice I was given as a young artist was to stop and really look at the world around you. Look beyond the obvious and appreciate the detail. You can find beauty in the most unexpected places.

Happy place (when I’m being creative): I seem to work best in a quiet space surrounded by things that visually inspire me. I work better in a visually cluttered space than one that is too neat and tidy.

I’ve always found that the condition of my surroundings seems to accurately reflect my brain activity.  More visual stimulation equals more creativity and brain activity for me.

When I’m not working: Knitting, sewing, beading, needle felting and chain mail are among the many crafts I like to dabble in.

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Kegrize Series in a Year ornament
Fun Fact


 “When we were kids, my great-grandmother would make us a plate of breadcrumbs to sprinkle in our backyard, and we’d all sit by the window watching the birds feast.”

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