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Andrea Schroder candles

Scents evoke memories of happy times in a powerful way.

The smell of the earth after a spring rain. A whiff of just-washed laundry. Fresh cut roses from the family garden.

That’s exactly what inspired Andrea Schroder to get crafty in the kitchen, infusing all-natural coconut oil with scents from her gardens. “I started making candles at my farm as a gift for friends and family who visited because I wanted them to leave with a special keepsake from my home,” says Andrea. What started as a small project has become a beautiful way to connect with loved ones over shared memories and moments spent together.

Scents that tell a story

Candles let you have your favorite fragrance notes available to enjoy any time of year, anywhere you are. But Andrea’s candles do more than that—they reflect things like love, light, beauty, nature and family, making them perfect for giving to the people you care about.

Andrea Schroder
Andrea Schroder candle

From the heart

Each candle comes in a gift-ready box that includes an uplifting poem written by Andrea’s grandmother, who was a famous English poet. The poems reflect on the sensory experience each blend provides, and attach a positive feeling to the scent memories.

Completely natural

Natural coconut oil is used to create a food grade quality wax that burns slowly and cleanly, delivering a long-lasting scent. In fact, you’ll get about 75 hours of burn time from each candle. Made in the USA, the candles are free of toxins, dyes and chemicals, making them so pure that you can even use the coconut oil blends as body moisturizer.

Completely natural candle
Pink flower

Inspired by the garden

Each beautiful hand blended fragrance captures the natural essence of favorite scents from Andrea’s garden, which is home to herbs like basil and mint, roses, and five varieties of lavender (French Lavender is her favorite!).  Andrea also has a citrus orchard filled with lemons, limes, oranges and kumquats, where she commonly derives secondary citrus notes to balance and add energy to sweet floral notes.

Did you know?

Family Bonding

Andrea, her husband Ricky and their four children get involved in the blending of scents from their garden. To create their first set of 12 candles, they all had a hand in mixing different formulas and testing them until they had narrowed it down to their top 30. From there, they adapted and changed the blends before choosing a dozen of their favorites—a process that took about 6 months from start to finish.

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© Andrea Schroder.

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