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Meet Studio Ink. Awesome cards for any occasion.

No matter who you are, were you live, or who you love, if you’re looking to connect in the realest ways with your people who matter most, we’ve got you covered with cards that totally get you and your tribe.

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Take a peek into the brilliant, quirky and sometimes strange world
of our featured artists.

Studio INK cards by Lauren Hom

Lauren Hom

Lauren’s bright color palettes and playful hand-lettering are fueled by hard work and spicy chips.

Hometown: Southern California

What did you want to be when you grew up? An artist!

If you took the day off tomorrow: I would sleep in, bake a pie and go to the beach and drink piña coladas all day.

What is your favorite food? Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Favorite thing: Waking up thinking it’s Sunday, but it’s actually Saturday.

Pet peeve: When I reach into the bag for another chip, but there are no more chips.

Philosophy of life: Work hard, snack often!

Preferred medium: I work supersimply! I love cheap mechanical pencils and Sharpie markers.

Nicest compliment: That I have Beyoncé hair.

Little-known fact: I still listen to emo music from high school.

What else do you think your fans would like to know? When I was 9 years old, I won a citywide Hula-Hoop competition. I was rewarded with a gift basket of salamis and flavored popcorns.

Anything else? I don’t like beer or coffee. But I loooove wine!

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Studio INK cards by The Firecracker Press

The Firecracker Press

The Firecracker Press opened shop in February of 2002. They’re pros at letterpress and love combining antique printing technology with modern thinking.

We are: Nerds. Very hardworking nerds.

Where are you from? Stardust. Isn’t everyone?

What did you want to be when you grew up? Everyone at Firecracker wanted to be inventors, explorers and artists. While we don’t dig up dinosaur bones, we are collectively reconstructing history and preserving a heritage that is in danger of being lost.

Little-known fact: St. Louis, our home base, was a major printing hub in the 1800s through the early 1900s, and many of the tools and equipment we use have a direct connection to this rich history.

If you took the day off tomorrow: We’d probably be outdoors. We all have an appreciation for nature and enjoy Missouri’s many trails and waterways.

Favorite food: We are on a very serious quest to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Favorite thing: The toy Han Solo™ blaster from the original Star Wars™ movies.

Pet peeves: Dirty rugs, talking with your mouth full, squirrels destroying your garden, people with no manners and misuse of the words your, you’re and yore.

Philosophy of life: Our philosophy as a studio is to wake up with a great attitude, ready to attack the day and strike while the iron is hot.

Preferred medium: We do love letterpress! We also like working with foraged and found materials, appreciate the serendipity of collage and have become somewhat addicted to woodcarving.

Nicest compliment: We have been told that we are an integral part of the fabric of this city. The Missouri History Museum referred to us as the “future history of St. Louis.”

Best part of your job: The best part of our job is making people happy. The process of designing and printing can be time consuming and tends to build anticipation. We really enjoy providing our clients work that is meaningful.

Anything else? The Firecracker Press is not about any one designer or a specific aesthetic. We are a small team who works hard to make the next job better than the last. Our team has many different talents and all of those talents contribute to making the studio successful.

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Studio INK cards by Ampersand Design Studio

Ampersand Design Studio

Carrie Kiefer and Morgan Georgie share a lot of things—design aesthetic, a love of Rainbow Briteand maybe even a brain.

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri (for eva!)

Secret Ambition: Carrie: I secretly wanted to be a country singer.
Morgan: No secret, always an artist. Since I was three and taking classes at The Nelson.

Philosophy of life: We try to always keep in mind that we are living our story. So we’re just trying to make it a good one!

Preferred medium: Carrie: Pen and ink.
Morgan: Cut paper

Favorite food: Carrie: Black olives. And wine.
Morgan: Cheese with a side of cheese.

If you took the day off tomorrow: Carrie: Sleeping.
Morgan: At the beach. Sleeping.

Obsession: Color! All we want to do is play with colors all day.

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Studio INK cards by Sarah Walsh

Sarah Walsh, Artist

Sarah loves to draw, still believes in unicorns and can’t be left alone in a room with milk and cookies.

Hometown: Albany, New York

What did you want to be when you grew up? What I am now. Or a horse whisperer.

Preferred medium: The mighty pencil, gouache, Photoshop, colored pencil, cut paper.

Favorite food: Coffee and a cream cheese bagel.

If you took the day off tomorrow: I’d fly to Cali in my imaginary jet and take a surfing lesson.

Obsession: Baby animals of any kind. All the baby animals!

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David Olenick, Artist

David spends his time like he spends his money: prudently, thoughtfully, and predominantly on sangria and guacamole.

Philosophy of life: It can be summed up thusly: “How dare you, David? Who do you think you are?”

Preferred medium: I went to see a medium on the Lower East Side a few years ago. She contacted the spirit of one of my ancestors, who warned me to sketch only with ballpoint pens I stole from banks and hotels.

Secret formula: 1 sketchbook + 2 glasses of wine + one sleeve of thin mints + the condition of being slightly anxious precisely 96% of the time = hilarious

Favorite food: Though it’s a beverage, not a food, I have no choice but to say coffee. I mean, I really like gummy bears (what grown man doesn’t?), but I’ve never been rude to a cab driver because I was deprived of them.

Weirdest personal talent: I am a minor expert on the following: 20th century painters, 80’s heavy metal, U.S. presidents, stand-up comedians, Saturday Night Live, cryptozoology, UFO and abduction experiences, so-called “conspiracy theories,” and the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Nicest compliment: “No, you take the last chicken wing.”

Obsession: I became addicted to decorative bookends about 3 years ago. It was a freaking nightmare.

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Studio INK artist Tina Neidlein and her cards

Tina Neidlein, Master Writer

Tina would like all her former grade school teachers to know that actually, it does pay to be a smart-ass.

Hometown: Loudonville, Ohio

Artistic style: a little sweet, a little sarcastic

Inspiration: Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, Airplane and Airplane 2, “Saturday Night Live,” The Onion

Creative outlets outside of Hallmark: cooking, walking up and down the aisles of The Container Store

Favorite ice cream flavor: not an ice cream eater, so I’ll just say Cool Ranch Doritos

Pet peeve: when anyone in a one-mile radius is chewing ice

Weirdest personal talent: I have an abnormally large head, does that count as a talent?

Proudest moment: any time my 12-year-old son nails the punch line to a joke

Guilty pleasure: pop music—the more mainstream, the better

Spirit animal: my French bulldog Jimmy, who hates getting out of bed and refuses to go outside in the rain

Most fitting theme song: “PYT” plays on a loop in my head so let’s just go with that

Where’s your happy place: as much as I love the beach, I gotta say good ol’ home is my favorite place to be

Obsession: Laffy Taffy, celebrity gossip, “Orange is the New Black”

Anything else interesting to share: I am not a classically trained dancer

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Studio INK Artist Danielle Kroll and her cards

Danielle Kroll, Artist

Danielle inspires everyone with her whimsical artwork, but she herself is inspired by junk—um, we mean, “vintage treasures.”

Hometown: Oakland, New Jersey

Artistic style: whimsical, simple and playful

Inspirations: I try to retain a sense of childlike wit in my work, so those magical days I spent as a kid in New Jersey inspire me most of all.

Creative outlets outside of Hallmark: I keep a travel sketchbook for every trip I take. Though I have to admit, the painting starts out plentiful but sort of trails off towards the end of the vacation.

Favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate chip

Pet peeve: when a driver keeps the windshield wipers on after the rain has stopped

Weirdest personal talent: I’m a pretty good jumper. I love leaping across the largest puddle I can find.

Proudest moment: when I bowled a 208

Guilty pleasure: playing Nintendo

Spirit animal: a flamingo.

Most fitting theme song: the Fantastic Mr. Fox sound track—it’s bouncy, happy and kind of weird

Where’s your happy place: on a hiking trail with a good snack and a good friend

Obsession: rocks and minerals.

Anything else interesting to share: I used to play the saxophone and have dreams of, one day, playing the harp.

Studio INK Artist Mirna Stubbs and her cards

Mirna Stubbs, Senior Artist

Hometown: Tuzla, Bosnia; Berlin, Germany; and Tampa, Florida, before moving to Kansas City

Artistic style: illustrations, lettering and paintings in whimsical, decorative, and loose styles

Inspiration: watching my toddler draw—his very free and bold mark-making inspires me

Creative outlets outside of Hallmark: I love to cook. If I didn’t have a million college loans to pay off, I’d go back to school for culinary arts.

Favorite ice cream flavor: meh…I’d rather feast on some dark chocolate

Pet peeve: 1. Wrinkled rugs.   2. People who take the elevator for one floor—going down! I could go on, but it would make me seem unpleasant.

Weirdest personal talent: talking myself out of working out

Proudest moment: being called “Mama”

Guilty pleasure: napping…any chance I get

Spirit animal: A wolf. They’re like dogs, but more bad-ass.

Most fitting theme song: Something gypsy-like. With an accordion.

Where’s your happy place: outside by a fire, with friends, music, food and drinks

Obsession: Making, tending, playing with, cooking with, poking at, looking at a FIRE!!!

Anything else interesting to share: I had my first (sadly not last) root canal at age 10. I’d never had a chocolate chip cookie, peanut butter or a taco until I moved to the States when I was 17. And I really enjoy maps and learning about geography.

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Studio INK Artist Amber Goodvin and her cards

Amber Goodvin, Senior Artist

If you’re reading this between 4 and 6 p.m. CST, Amber may be at Happy Hour. Amber loves Happy Hour.

Hometown: Lawrence, Kansas

Artistic style: hand-drawn and painted lettering

Inspiration: seeing everything again for the first time through my son, who is three

Creative outlets outside of Hallmark: sewing, gardening, long walks with the pugs

Favorite ice cream flavor: salted caramel at Glacé

Pet peeve: ankle socks, sports radio

Weirdest personal talent: pretty awesome at Tetris

Proudest moment: meeting Samuel “Screech” Powers

Guilty pleasure: watching “The Bachelor” (want to stop. can’t stop.) and taking the corner piece of cake (I am a frosting person)

Spirit animal: Mermaid. Oh, you weren’t sure a mermaid could be classified as animal? Well, of course it can.

Most fitting theme song: My sister and I had a summer babysitter who assigned us each a special song. When “our” song came on the radio (I was given “Two Princes” by Spin Doctors) we would freak out. Even now, whenever I hear it in all its bad-song glory, I still feel like it’s being played just. for. me.

Where’s your happy place: sitting on our second-story, screened porch at night

Obsession: Harry Potter

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Studio INK Artist Kate Suttons and her cards

Kate Sutton, Illustrator

Kate’s list of favorite to-dos: running, yoga, learning French, drinking tea, talking to her cats and making lists.

Hometown: Liverpool, England

Artistic style: naïve with a limited palette

Inspiration: maps, lettering, patterns, children’s books, nature, animals

Creative outlets outside of Hallmark: loads of editorial stuff and other bits and pieces (vague)

Favorite ice cream flavor: strawberry

Pet peeve: litter bugs

Weirdest personal talent: the ability to talk to animals

Proudest moment: running 50 miles

Guilty pleasure: trashy magazines

Spirit animal: pigeon

Most fitting theme song: Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

Where’s your happy place: in a pub with a pint and a packet of crisps after a massive run in the mountains

Obsession: my cats, Charlie and Craig—but any cat will do

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Rachel Ignotofsky, Designer/Illustrator

Rachel designs and illustrates by day. Then, at night, she can’t help herself. She draws even more.

Hometown: Plainsboro, New Jersey

Artistic style: anything that will make you smile and, hopefully, make you think a little, too

Inspiration: Saturday morning cartoons, science and history

Creative outlets outside of Hallmark: my Etsy shop and creatively eating things that other people cook

Favorite ice cream flavor: coffee toffee chip

Pet peeve: people who are too embarrassed to live

Weirdest personal talent: Does a lazy eye count?

Proudest moment: getting my picture in the paper for spiffiest spud for the best decorated potato when I was 5

Guilty pleasure: watching cooking shows while eating—it’s a whole sensory experience

Spirit animal: cold slice of pizza left on the counter (not an animal, but that is what is inside)

Most fitting theme song: “Temptation” by New Order

Where’s your happy place: in a blanket fort

Obsession: talking about throwing themed dinner parties

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