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Hallmark | Star Wars : BB8

Do you believe in the existence of powers that you can never fully comprehend?

itty bittys®

Share a great gift from a galaxy far, far away — or add heroic and villainous characters to your own collection.


Home Decor

With these gifts for the home, mega fans can spread Star Wars magic to every room of their homes.

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Hallmark has Star Wars gifts for all the nerds in your life.


For fans of the Force comes a holiday gift collection that is out of this world.


Greeting Cards

Cards featuring iconic characters will give you the power of using the right words for every occasion.

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Galactic Transmissions

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Hallmark & Star Wars

For more than 20 years, Hallmark has helped generations of family and friends to share a laugh or express their feelings through iconic Star Wars characters, quotes and images.

Starting with Shoebox Cards, Hallmark created ways of connecting that spread to Keepsake Ornaments, gift products and, most recently, itty bittys® characters, whose power should not be judged by size alone.

The combined strength of Hallmark and Star Wars has thrilled and united loyal Star Wars enthusiasts and casual fans alike. Even now at Hallmark, renewed creative energies surround us and bind us as we eagerly await the next era of Star Wars storytelling.