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Introducing Signature Designer Collaborations

Hallmark Signature has more than one fresh look for 2017! Our unique collaborations with today’s most exciting designers and style influencers have resulted in several distinctive card collections. Each collection showcases a trendsetting designer’s unique style and point of view. Meet our exceptional design collaborators below, shop their collections, and discover what inspires them to create. Shop Signature Designer Collaborations now

Mother's Day Collections

Mother's Day cards designed by 100 Layer Cake-let

100 Layer Cake-let | Modern and Bright

Jillian Clark, Amanda Dawbarn and Kristina Meltzer are highly regarded for helping their followers “make the most of every celebration.” Widely known for their wedding design, their 100 Layer Cake-let brand provides a space that inspires followers in every phase of life that follows. Their Mother’s Day cards are thoughtful keepsakes wth beautifully designed messages.

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Mother's Day cards designed by Danielle Kroll

Danielle Kroll | Illustrated Whimsy

Danielle Kroll approaches art with curiosity—she’s always willing to try a new medium or idea. To create in her whimsical style, she draws inspiration from her childhood and everyday life in Brooklyn.

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Mother's Day cards designed by Leah Duncan

Leah Duncan | Sweet and Natural

Leah’s brand started with a dream and has quickly grown to an international presence. Inspired by nature and her home in Austin, Texas, her hand-drawn art speaks of simplicity and beauty with quirky and organic themes.

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Mother's Day cards designed by Our Heiday

Our Heiday | Colorful Fun

Our Heiday is a stationery and gift brand based in Los Angeles. Sisters Patricia Shen and Donna Kim believe in making the practical beautiful, creating products to elevate the everyday. They are inspired by their mom and four aunts, who showed them that every day can be full of color and intention.

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Everyday Collections

Jillian Clark, Amanda Dawbarn and Kristina Meltzer of 100 Layer Cake

100 Layer Cake | Modern Handmade

A creative collaboration between friends, 100 Layer Cake brings a thoughtful, playful-with-a-hint-of-glam style to the Hallmark Signature Designer Collaborations.

Jillian Clark, Amanda Dawbarn and Kristina Meltzer are highly regarded for helping their followers “make the most of every celebration.”

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Kristen Ley of Thimblepress

Thimblepress | Bright and Blingy

Kristen Ley brings her passion for beautiful things and her nature-inspired love of color to the Hallmark Signature Designer Collaborations from her Thimblepress studio in Mississippi.

With the love of handmade, art, color and pattern, Kristen’s work is a reflection of her life, love of her family, and her favorite places in the world.

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Kirby Woodson of Petite Alma

Petite Alma | Modern Watercolor

Kirby Woodson is renowned for her understated, elegant design style. Working from her Petite Alma studio in New York, she now brings that style to the Hallmark Signature Designer Collaborations.

Striving for simplicity and clarity without clutter, flash or fuss, Petite Alma aims to inspire creative expression and help others spread joy.

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Raul Alejandro

Raul Alejandro | Rich Hand Lettering

Equal parts illustrator, designer and dreamer, native New Yorker Raul Alejandro brings his passion for lettering and typography to the Hallmark Signature Designer Collaborations from his Portland, Oregon, studio.

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Signature Gifts

Hallmark Signature Collection Gifts


Let’s hear it for girlfriends

Our new Signature premium gift line has the perfect gifts for your girlfriends, with designs that go from totally cute to oh-so-charming to downright sophisticated. Perfect for birthdays or any day you want to celebrate a friend, these are the gifts that say “Cheers” to the times you’ve had. And all the good times to come.

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