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Rainbow Bright and Starlite

Life is “Brite” again

Rainbow Brite is back! A cherished friend to children of the '80s and a positive voice for kids of today, Rainbow Brite has returned with her best friend, Starlite, and her friendly little sprites. Get ready, because she’s about to challenge the forces of gloom and make this world a brighter place! Watch the new animated series on Feeln.

itty bittys®

That’s right, Rainbow Brite, Twink and the sprites are back, this time in miniature size! Get these classic Rainbow Brite itty bittys in stores and online now. These characters will brighten up any day.

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Rainbow Brite itty bittys®

Rainbow Brite and friends

Take home Rainbow Brite, Starlite and Twink for your kids so they can enjoy playing with these classic characters. Rainbow’s message of friendship and positivity never gets old.

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Rainbow Brite and friends

Rainbow Brite storybooks

NEW! Rainbow Brite and the Lost Horseshoe Colorquest® Book and Talking Character Set Starlite has thrown one of the magic horseshoes that allow him to run on rainbows! Rainbow Brite and her sprite friend Twink must either find it, or else find a way to make a new one. If they can’t, then Rainbow and Starlite will never ride the colorful skies again! When your child places the included Rainbow Brite character on the magical colors in the book, she'll say a fun phrase.   NEW! Rainbow Brite and the Stormy Race Continuing with the popularity of Hallmark's classic Rainbow Brite, enjoy this premium pop-up book featuring Rainbow Brite and her frenemy Stormy in a race through Rainbow Land. Seven pop-up scenes bring the race and the nefarious plot of Murky and Lurky to life in a bright new way.   Save The Rainbow It’s time for a Rainbow Land celebration, but—oh, no! All the color is missing! Follow the directions to shake, twirl, hug and jump your way through this book, and you’ll help Twink and his sprite friends make a colorific rainbow.  

Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids Caper Instead of dazzling and colorful, Rainbow Land is a dreary gray! What happened to the Color Kids? You can bet Murky and Lurky have something to do with it. Rainbow Brite and her faithful friend Starlite are determined to find out and set things right. And you can help! Just swipe your finger across the yellow arrows on the pages throughout the story, and you’ll hear Rainbow Brite’s adventure come to life.

  Rainbow Brite and the Very Brave Day Join Rainbow Brite and her friends on an adventure to save the day. As Rainbow Land is threatened by evil, lessons of friendship and bravery are taught at every turn, making this tale a true classic. Plus, this book comes with the perfect Rainbow Brite dress-up accessory: your very own pair of rainbow-striped leg warmers!

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Rainbow Brite coloring fun

Coloring fun

Download and print these fun, free coloring pages featuring Rainbow Brite and friends for your kids.

And download more Rainbow Brite coloring pages that are perfect stress relievers for adults!

The Rainbow Brite story

In a faraway place, right at the end of the rainbow, there is a magical kingdom where all the colors of the earth are created. The kingdom is called Rainbow Land, and living in this wonderful place is a lovable, creative little girl named Rainbow Brite. She uses the colors of the rainbow to make our world brighter and our hearts lighter.

Rainbow Brite’s best friend is a magical flying horse named Starlite. He serves as Rainbow’s protector and guardian and as her swiftest means of transportation.

Rainbow’s partners are The Color Kids—seven little heroes with personalities as varied as the colors of the rainbow. They are responsible for their assigned colors, and for organizing and leading the groups of sprites that match their hues.

The sprites are the colorful, happy little workers who manufacture “Star Sprinkles,” the magic crystals that form the colors. Rainbow’s favorite sprite is Twink, a white and furry little bundle of energy who was once a sprite of a different color.

Meanwhile, there are those who hate everything colorful and joyful and are always plotting ways to capture Rainbow Brite and get control of her magic power belt. The primary villains of Rainbow Land, Murky and Lurky, want the world to be just as murky and dismal as they are.

Rainbow Brite and her friends are always challenging the forces of gloom, in a struggle to keep the world bright and colorful, and to keep our hearts hopeful and happy.

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