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Capture. Create. Share.

Hallmark + You gives you a way to make the most of the sounds of your life. Whether it’s story time, playtime or anytime—capture those special moments with our Hallmark + You desktop app or compatible Recordable Storybooks*.

Hallmark Plus You app
Recordable Storybooks and Hallmark Plus You

Recordable Storybooks

Many of our latest Recordable Storybooks allow you to import your recorded story to Hallmark + You so you can keep those priceless moments on hand and feel free to make new ones.

Here’s how:

Importing recordings from a Recordable Storybook

If you already have a compatible Recordable Storybook, follow these steps to import your recordings to your Hallmark + You audio library:

  1. Download the Hallmark + You desktop app for Windows 7 & 8.
  2. Open the plastic cover on the bottom of the book to access the USB port.
  3. Plug your Recordable Storybook into your PC using a USB Type A male to Micro B male connector (not included). Learn more
  4. Once the Hallmark + You app launches, click ADD in the upper right corner of the screen.
  5. Click IMPORT and choose the recordings you would like to copy into your Hallmark + You audio library.

Don’t have a Recordable Storybook? Shop online


*Unfortunately, Hallmark + You compatibility will no longer be available for Sound Charms and Sound Cards.


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