Penny Paperheart™

Penny Paperheart: Sharing happiness one heart at a time.

Make a new friend

Penny Paperheart is more than a doll. This adorable paper girl comes with unique stories and messages of caring to share with those around her. She and her paper friends from their paper world inspire imaginative play and creativity. And through Penny’s paper hearts of kindness made for giving to friends—or even strangers, she helps instill the power of goodwill with little ones.

Hearts of Kindness Kit

Hearts of Kindness Kit

Now that you know the story of the little paper girl and her little paper hearts, here’s a kit for you to spread kindness and do your own little paper art. Penny’s Hearts of Kindness Kit includes material to make over 30 Hearts of Kindness cards and 12 small hearts to share.

Make Penny's world grow

Make Penny's world grow


Watch a video

Watch the videos of Penny and all her pals as they bring joy to their town of Paperville with their paper hearts of kindness.


Meet Penny's friends


Paige and Little Pearl

Paige and Little Pearl

Penny loves her friend named Paige, who’s a kind and thoughtful girl.
Paige’s sister is just as sweet, and her name is Little Pearl.


Penny loves her very best friend. Patti is her name.
They both love to play pretend. It’s their favorite game.



Pepper is Penny’s little cat. She pretends she is the queen.
She takes catnaps to pass the day and dreams of paper sardines.

Pax, Pete and Patch

Penny has a friend named Pax, and Pax has a pet named Pete.
Penny has a pup named Patch, and once a week they all meet.

Pax, Pete and Patch
Did you know?

Penny may have made her humble debut as a doodle...

…on a greeting card, but her sweet, illustrated style found her a following among Hallmarkers and beyond. It was only fitting that she would become the face of a new line of Hallmark toys that reinvents the way kids interact with paper dolls—and one another.

Teacher resources

For the classroom

Penny’s messages of friendship are also perfect for the classroom. Print out the coloring pages and Penny Paperheart’s happy heart chart. With the chart, you can have fun at school “catching” your students showing kindness, completing tasks, and making progress toward goals. List the behaviors your class is working on and then fill in the hearts as you notice the nice! Or, write in each student’s name on the chart and fill in a heart for each step of progress the student makes toward individual goals. Don’t forget to decide on rewards for the kids who reach
their goal!

Meet the hearts and souls behind Penny

The hearts and souls behind Penny

If Penny Paperheart could tell the story of her beginning,
it might sound a little something like this:

One day an artist named Terry Runyan drew a little doodle,
She gazed at the little girl she sketched and then began to noodle.
Isn’t she cute? Who could she be? Terry continued to think,
Then showed her sketch to her talented friend whose name is Mary Fink.
Mary thought Terry’s charming sketch was oh so very sweet.
So Mary designed the girl’s paper town, and when it was complete,
Terry and Mary thought to themselves “It’s time for her to be named.
Not just a name, she needs a story!” the two artists both exclaimed.
André du Broc is a writer friend. Playing with words is his art.
When he saw their little sketch he squealed, “She’s Penny Paperheart!”
The three friends loved their paper girl and that love just grew and grew.
Penny Paperheart had a name but not a thing to do.
That’s when their dear friend, Stacy Lamb offered a bit of advice­—
“She gives away her paper hearts. That’s what makes Penny so nice.”
And that’s how four devoted friends all played a wonderful part
In bringing to life a paper girl named Penny Paperheart.


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