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Keepsake Ornaments

Q: What is a repaint?
A: A repaint means we have taken a previously sculpted Keepsake Ornament and given it a new color scheme.

Q: What is a colorway?
A: A colorway is a particular color or arrangement of colors. In Keepsake Ornament terms, like a repaint, a colorway means we have taken a previously sculpted Keepsake Ornament and given it a new look by changing the paint color or color scheme.

Q: How do I find out if a Keepsake Ornament I’m looking for is in stock at a specific store?
A: To find out if an ornament is in stock, please call your local store. You can also check on, where you can purchase the ornament (if available) and have it shipped to your local store.

Q: Can I purchase replacement boxes?
A: We’re sorry, we do not offer replacement boxes for Keepsake Ornaments.

Q: Why don't all Keepsake Ornaments have an artist credit? A: Keepsake Ornaments created by our studio Keepsake Ornament artists traditionally carry the artist’s signature. We do have a very talented team of freelance artists that we work with beyond our in-house studio, and the ornaments they create do not carry artist signatures.

Q: Why do you wrap Keepsake Ornaments in tissue?
A: To protect them from damage when shipping to the stores and also when stored. If an ornament needs additional protection, we will put it in bubble wrap or vacform, but if tissue paper will achieve our goal of getting it to stores and consumers safely, we opt for that instead. We extensively test the packaging of each ornament to help make this decision.

Q: Why do you bring back Keepsake Ornaments from the past?
A: Many of our ornaments sell out quickly each year and consumers may not have had the opportunity to purchase them. While it is uncommon that we carry an ornament over into the next year, sometimes we do to help satisfy our consumers who may have missed out. There are also instances when ornaments may be slightly modified (usually as a repaint or new colorway) when they are introduced back into the Keepsake Ornament line.

Q: Why do you use different materials? And what's the difference between them?
A: The Keepsake Studio creates hundreds of ornaments each year, using a variety of high-quality materials including styrene, resin, porcelain, metal, glass, wood, and more. Because artistry and detail are key attributes of our products, Keepsake Artists, Product Design Managers, and Engineers work together to select the most appropriate material for each ornament based on the artist’s vision and the concept’s unique production requirements. Three of the materials we use for Keepsake Ornaments are styrene, porcelain and resin.

Styrene is a lightweight, yet very durable material that is frequently used for ornaments because of its outstanding ability to replicate the subtle details and dimensions of an artist’s original sculpture. This accuracy in molding provides the foundation for the precision painting and printing techniques that follow during the ornament’s production. Styrene also allows us to create a variety of small but sturdy components that can be combined to bring our Magic ornaments to life with complex mechanical movements.

Porcelain (also known as fine china) is a strong, kiln-fired ceramic material that has been used to create pieces of fine art for centuries. It provides a crisp, white base with a smooth, uniform surface, and because three-dimensional shapes molded in porcelain usually have subtle differences, it is often used when product designers want each ornament to have a unique, “hand-of-the-artist” appearance. Porcelain also allows Keepsake Artists to select from a wide variety of bisque and colorful glaze finishes—from translucents to striking metallics.

Resin is another high-quality material that is often used when our artists want to capture even more detail than injection-molded styrene allows. Resin can reproduce very intricate designs, enabling artists to create rich textures and delicate patterns that would be unobtainable in any other medium. Its unique surface properties also make resin the ideal material for many of the distinctive, hand-applied paint finishes that accentuate these remarkable details with the vibrant colors and beautiful processes that our artists and collectors love.


Q: How do I find out about Keepsake Ornament events?
A: Visit our events page to learn about all our events at Hallmark stores (and online at

Q: How can my local store get an artist signing?
A: Unfortunately, the applications submission date for the summer of 2016 ended on 12/31/2015. Stay tuned for 2017 artist signing information.

Each year, all local club rosters and KOC national membership applications will be reviewed by the KOC for validity and credibility. Existing local clubs must be active with a current year’s roster on file with the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club, and entries are judged based on content and originality.

Local Clubs

Q: Where can I find news about my local club?
Download our local club signup form.

Q: How can I start a local club?
A: Download our local club kit to learn how to start a local club.

Q: My local club is changing (i.e., disbanding or getting a new sponsor). Who should I notify?
A: Please send a letter to:
Hallmark Local Club Program
Mail Drop 830
PO Box 419580
Kansas City, MO 64141

Buying, Selling & Trading Keepsake Ornaments

Q: What is the Keepsake Ornament Punch Card?
A: The Keepsake Ornament Punch Card is a frequent shopper card to encourage consumers to purchase Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments. Participating Gold Crown stores can choose to offer the Punch Card program. Each store may have a different offer for consumers when the consumer purchases 10 ornaments. Consumers should check with their local store for questions about the store’s policies and procedures.

Q: Where can I find previous Keepsake Ornaments and collectibles, see how much my ornaments are worth, or learn where to sell my collection?
A: Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments are initially available only through retailers who offer Hallmark products. Keepsake Ornaments from previous years are not available from Hallmark. There are, however, countless collectors who buy, sell and trade ornaments and collectibles through a secondary market. You can also find out about buying Hallmark collectibles by networking with other collectors, asking your local retailer for recommendations, searching online, reading classified ads, or checking local antique malls or flea markets that include collectibles. Secondary market dealers are independent and we cannot guarantee the service or pricing policies they offer.

Q: Is there a current Keepsake Ornament Value Guide?
A: Hallmark does not publish a Keepsake Ornament Value Guide. You might find useful information through the collectors who buy, sell and trade ornaments and collectibles through a secondary market. You can also find out more by networking with other collectors, asking your local retailer for suggestions, searching online, or checking local antique malls or flea markets that include collectibles. Secondary market dealers are independent and we cannot guarantee the service or pricing policies they offer.

Magic Ornaments & Magic Cords

Q: What is the Legacy Cord and how does it work?
A: Our Legacy Cord brings back the magic to Magic ornaments sold 2009 and earlier. More than 200 ornaments will function with sound, light and motion when connected to the Legacy Cord. Each Legacy Cord plugs into an outlet and supports up to 4 Magic ornaments.

Q: What is the difference between the Magic Cord and a Legacy Cord?
A: Hallmark’s Magic Cord is the power source for Keepsakes Magic Cord ornaments. When these ornaments are plugged in and one is activated, the Leader ornament leads the other ornaments plugged into the same Magic Cord in a synchronized sound and light show. (Note: some ornaments do not lead and only follow other lead ornaments.) Following this show, the ornaments will remain lit but there is no continuous sound. The Magic Cord will work with the Wonder & Light Magic ornaments sold in 2010. The Magic Cord cannot be used with old illumination ornaments or Keepsake Magic ornaments prior to 2010. Each Magic Cord is 13 feet long and can connect up to 7 ornaments (or 6 ornaments and a tree topper) at a time. For a larger display, up to 3 Magic Cords can be connected, allowing for more than 20 ornaments.

Prior to 2010, Hallmark’s earlier Keepsake Magic, Light and/or Special Feature Ornaments were designed to be powered by only UL Listed light strings which employs 2.5-3.5-volt plug-in type lights. Our Legacy Cord brings back the magic to these older Magic ornaments. The Legacy Cord plugs into an outlet and supports up to 4 Magic ornaments.

Q: What light string can I use to power my older Magic ornaments?
A: The Legacy Cord is perfect for bringing back the magic to Magic ornaments sold 2009 and earlier. More than 200 ornaments will function with sound, light and motion when connected to the Legacy Cord. Each Legacy Cord plugs into an outlet and supports up to 4 Magic ornaments.

If you are experiencing lower than optimal performance of old ornaments on the cord, try moving those with a lot of magic function to separate cords to help distribute the power appropriately.

Q: Why aren’t my Magic Cord ornaments working together?
A: Some ornaments require more power than others. Magic Cord ornaments that have a motor inside take all of the cord’s power to operate. Therefore, when an ornament with a motor is activated, the other ornaments connected to the cord do not follow the show of the lead ornament. However, when the ornaments are in their “constant on” mode or when a non-motorized ornament is activated, the ornaments will coordinate in a synchronized show.

Up to three Magic Cords can be connected together, but all three transformers must also be plugged in to separate power sources (one for each cord).

In addition to the familiar light and sound functions that have been a part of many Magic Cord performances from the beginning, we recently introduced automated movement into some of our products. We are very excited about the new storytelling opportunities that come with this additional feature, but we've had to make some difficult choices in order to include this movement. Due to the larger power requirements needed, our products with movement use all of the available energy from the Magic Cord when they are activated. This means other products connected to the cord to “go dark” during motion performances, eliminating the synchronized, “full-cord” light show that many of our other Magic Cord ornaments provide. When the motor is not in use, however, our motion products still “follow” along with the performances of other “leader” products connected to the cord. We regret any confusion that this variation in function has caused and hope that consumers will appreciate the enhanced individual performances of our new motion products as we do!

Keepsake Ornament Club

Q: Is there a bulletin board or discussion group for Keepsake Ornaments?
A: You're welcome to join our Facebook community. There you can get Keepsake Ornament sneak peeks, read chats with our Hallmark Keepsake Artists, and interact with other collectors.

Additionally, you can find an active collector's community, including discussion boards, at and Please note that Hallmark is not affiliated with these websites and is not responsible for any information or interactions consumers may have on those websites.

Q: When do I get my KOC membership ornaments after I join?
A: KOC ornaments ordered from February 1 through June 1 will begin shipping on June 1. Membership ornaments ordered after June 1 will arrive in 4 to 6 weeks.

Q: What are the benefits of KOC membership?
A: The KOC has grown into a community of people who connect in person and online to share enthusiasm for Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments year-round. See all the perks of joining the Keepsake Ornament Club.

Q: How can I join the Keepsake Ornament Club?
A: It’s easy to join the Keepsake Ornament Club, and we’d love to have you! Here are 4 ways to join: • Join now by using our online registration. (U.S. only) • Visit your Hallmark Gold Crown store, fill out a membership application and return it to the retailer. They’ll place your order and contact you when the ornaments arrive. (U.S. only) • Download and print the application form. After filling it out, mail it to the address on the form. • You may purchase your membership by phone—we accept VISA, Discover and MasterCard. Call 1-800-HALLMARK to speak with a customer service representative (1-800-268-3230 in Canada).

Customer service for Keepsake Ornament Club EMAIL: Send us an email PHONE: 1-800-HALLMARK (1-800-425-5627) MAIL: Keepsake Ornament Club Customer Service P.O. Box 419034 Mail Drop 830 Kansas City, MO 64141

Q: How can I renew my membership?
A: You will receive a renewal application in the mail. Just enclose the proper payment and mail to: Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club PO Box 419824 Kansas City, MO 64141

You may also renew online or call us at 1-800-HALLMARK (1-800-425-5627). Have your KOC number and credit card number handy.

Q: How can I change information on my KOC membership?
A: Click “Contact Us” at the bottom of any page, then click “Email Us” to provide us with new information. Please include your Club membership number and your full name and address with your request. Alternatively, you may contact 1-800-HALLMARK.

Q: When does my membership expire?
A: Hallmark KOC memberships run on a calendar from January until December 31 of the same year.

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