Keepsake Ornaments by Matt Johnson

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2016 Keepsake Ornaments

Baby's First Christmas | 1995QGO1264 Our Lady of Guadalupe | 1595QSM7811 A Savior is Born | 1795QGO1331 Love Shack | 1795QGO1031 Purr | 1295QGO1114 Bark | 1295QGO1121 Lights! Grandkids! Action! | 1295QGO1161 Milestones and Memories Ornament Storage Box | 1495QGO1564 Crazy Christmas Camper | 2995QGO1201

2015 Keepsake Ornaments

Ornament Display Stand | 2995QHA1035 | Keepsake Cupcakes Los Tres Reyes Magos (The Three Kings) | 1495QSM7779 Dasher's Delivery | 1495QGO1447 | By Ruth Donikowski and Matt Johnson Letters to Santa | 1495QGO1547 Moonlit Sleigh Ride | 1495QGO1599 | By Orville Wilson and Matt Johnson Gone Fishin' | 1495QGO1659

2014 Keepsake Ornaments

Keepsake Ornament Storage Box | 1495LPR3396 Santa Stop Here! | 1995QGO1436 Santa's Little Teapot | 795QXM8536 Christmas in the City | 1495QGO1596 Snow Much Fun! | 1795QGO1563 | By Matt Johnson and Debra Nielsen Joy Shines Bright | 1495QGO1603 | By Rodney Gentry and Matt Johnson A Curious Little Monkey | 1495QXI2663 | Curious George Flies a Kite | By Julie Forsyth and Matt Johnson On the Night You Were Born™ | 1495QXI2716 | By Kristina Gaughran and Matt Johnson Roller Rink Nights | 1295QGO1296 Sorry!® | 1495QX9246 | 1st in the Family Game Night series | By Rodney Gentry and Matt Johnson Tailgate Time | 1495QGO1443 I Melt | 1795QGO1263 Shear Genius | 995QGO1493 Frosty Halloween Fun | 1295QFO5216 Pansies Stand For Thoughts | 1295QHG1236

2013 Keepsake Ornaments

Santa Signal | 2295QXG1505 Holiday Sweater | 1295QXG1585 A December to Remember | 1495QXG1042 Hot Cocoa | 1795QXG1592 | By Nello Williams and Matt Johnson

Last updated 9/1/2016.

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