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Heart of Gold Fairy

There’s magic in doing for others.

This fairy has a generous spirit, giving away hugs, acts of kindness, and some of the golden objects she delights in finding. She reminds us that the good things we share have a way of coming back to us.

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Just Believe Fairy

There’s magic in things we can’t yet see.

Once afraid of things that were new to her, she has learned to embrace new adventures as an opportunity to learn and make memories. She knows now that wonderful things can happen as long as
we’re open to them.

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Seize the Moment Fairy

There’s magic in making the most of each moment.

This fairy doesn’t look before she leaps, and her enthusiasm leads to amusing predicaments and exciting adventures. With her joyful spirit, she encourages us to jump right in and live life to the fullest.

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True Nature Fairy

There’s magic in nature if only we look closely.

She keeps a journal of her observations about nature, which reflect her deep knowledge of the outdoors and the secrets held there. She reminds us there is magic to being yourself, just the way nature designed you.

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Fairy homes and decor

Every fairy needs a home! From tree houses to benches, Gardenfair has all the accessories you need to create a magical world for your fairy in nearly any part of your home—inside or out. Start by building your fairy garden in a bucket, wagon or other moveable container. After all, fairies don’t sit still for long, so neither should their playgrounds!


You could also keep children guessing by moving fairies from place to place. Hide one in a pocket and perch another on a shoe. Surprise your kids and spark their imaginations by moving the fairies to new spots each day. With Gardenfair, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


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The Fairies’ Guide to Taking Life Lightly

When we remember to really look at the world, we find all the magic we need. Let the fairies of Gardenfair open your eyes and heart to the fun of discovery and anticipation, and rediscover the special moments that become magical memories.

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Hallmark Garage

Hallmark Garage is your one-stop shop for gifts inspired by classic automobiles. From Kiddie Car Classics to Keepsake Ornaments to a variety of car-centric accessories, we've got your car-enthusiast gifts covered.

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Personalized Books

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