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Celebrate Life's Chapters

At Hallmark, we think books should be about more than “Once upon a time” and “The end”...

They should be about all the chapters in between, too. We think of books as ways to entice little ones’ imaginations so they become a part of the story, avenues to capture the purest, sweetest moments between loved ones, and ways to pass down unique storytelling memories from generation to generation.

Pop-Up Books

When you want to introduce your little ones to the love of good stories, there’s nothing better than a pop-up book. Pictures that jump off the page will have kids loving books in no time. As they dive in, you’ll find them anticipating what new three-dimensional scene awaits them with each page turn. And you’ll see their imaginations come to life along with the story. Now that’s fun for kids of all ages! Shop pop-up books   Pop-up books

Personalized books


Kids can be the star of the story and live out fun adventures through the pages of these personalized books. You can pick the skin color, eye color, hair color and hairstyle of the main character to truly customize the story for your little one. (Some of the books even let you choose gender!) Plus every book lets you add your name, so the lucky child will always know who created this special gift. See some sample pages from our Princess book below.

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Personalized Books - Amazing Adventures and Little Mermaid

A testimonial about personalized books from Hallmark

“When we gave it to Ellie, she immediately recognized her name and wanted to read it right away. She crawled up in her daddy’s lap and they snuggled and read all about Ellie and her tree house, her pirate ship, and the many adventures she likes to create… When you add a personal touch to a book, kids are instantly entwined in the story. Thank you, Hallmark, for inspiring creativity in my child with this great storybook.”

—Anne from the Megalomaniac Mommy

Lights On Lights Off Storybooks

Lights On Lights Off storybooks


Story time is a great way to wind down at the end of the day. With Lights On Lights Off storybooks, children can be a part of the process by helping turn the lights out on each page. These books feature magical stories created with winding down in mind. On the last page, when all the lights are off, a dreamy surprise lights up the night sky. Lights On Lights Off storybooks are a great way to add wonder to the bedtime routine so everyone has sweet dreams.

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Musical Puzzle Stories


Combining songs, stories and puzzles, Musical Puzzle Stories are a brand-new way to do story time. As you read the story to your child, your child selects the correct puzzle piece to place on the corresponding page in the book. When the puzzle piece is inserted, the character sings a portion of the song and helps to move the story along. Each additional page in the book has more to read and more puzzle pieces to place. When the last page of the story is read and the last puzzle piece is placed, every character joins in to sing the finale.

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Musical Puzzle storybooks
Mystery Puzzle Stories - Disney Junior, Mickey, Frozen

Mystery Puzzle Stories


Read the story and build the puzzle to solve the mystery! It’s a fun new way to read and play all at the same time. Choose from titles like Disney Frozen: Will Anna and Elsa Miss the Ball?, What Do Unicorns Like to Do?, Where’s Goofy?, and Who Gets the Cake? at Hallmark stores now and online.

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Recordable Storybooks


Sometimes, we treasure not just the reading of a story over and over but also hearing a familiar voice tell the tale. With Recordable Storybooks, you can add children’s classics, popular Disney stories and Hallmark originals to your library with the added bonus of recording a loved one’s voice reading every page.

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Recordable Storybooks
Interactive Story Buddies - Cassidy and Tigger

Interactive Story Buddies®


Stories are better when shared with friends, don’t you think? That’s why our Interactive Story Buddies are so cool. Little ones will love reading a favorite book with a cuddly character who chimes in during key parts of the story. There are lots of buddies and books to choose from, and we’re always adding new characters to the family.

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Be a Part of the Story


These books never get old no matter how many times they’re read, because you’ll never hear the same story twice! As you read highlighted lines from the pages aloud, the story’s main character will chime in with special questions for your little one.  When the child answers, the story continues with one of several responses, so each time it’s read it’ll feel like a whole new experience.

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Be a Part of the Story Books
Gift books from Hallmark

Gift books


Hallmark gift books are written and illustrated so they’re more than stories. They’re meaningful ways to show your loved ones you know just what they need to hear. Whether you’re looking for a storytime classic to add to a child’s bookshelves, humorous words of wisdom to crack up a friend or a special seasonal book to show appreciation on a holiday, you’ll find a Hallmark gift book to surprise someone you love.

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