Speech bubble I have one group with all of their addresses
Pink speech bubble I have 73 people on my holiday card list.

Welcome to a world where
your address book updates itself.

With the new myHallmark, it’s easy to keep up with your contacts’ physical addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.

Now you can:

  • Receive updates to your address book without lifting
    a finger.
  • Easily trade addresses with friends and family.
  • Send cards or invitations to a whole group in one
    simple step.
  • Always send the right thing to the right person at the right address—right on time.
  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • FAQs
Her birthday card from grandma found her just fine.
Katelyn just moved across the country.


  • Go to your Hallmark.com profile and check your
    privacy settings.
  • Select the information about yourself you would like to share with friends and family members.
  • Any time you update your information, your family and friends will have it.
  • STEP2


  • Choose the contacts with whom you’d like
    to connect.
  • View their details in your address book and click Share Info. We’ll send them an email with all the information they need to establish an account and become connected.
  • STEP3
Coach Hamm has the whole soccer team's addresses.
Now I do, too.


Miss Sharp is now Mrs. Finkelshmirtzen.
I'll never have to spell Finkel...whatever.


  • Start sharing family and friends’ addresses.
  • Create a group and make sure the person you want
    to share info with is in the group. Mark the group as Shared.
  • The group you create will display in each member’s address book, allowing you to view each other’s
    contact information.
  • Look for the Sharing icon to remind you who you’re sharing with.

Address book FAQs


Can I make changes to an address that is being shared with me?


Only the owner of the information can update it, but you can create a separate contact entry for that person.


Why do some contacts’ names appear in my address book twice?


You may have added someone as a personal contact and entered that person’s information yourself. You can edit these details—as many or as few as you’d like—at any time. If you’re also sharing with this contact (remember, look for the icon), a new entry is added to your address book. In this listing, you’ll see only the details your contact wants to share. This information is automatically updated so you don’t have to worry about staying up-to-date.


How do I stop sharing a group with someone?


You can mark the group as private, or remove the person you don’t want to share with from the group. If you aren’t the owner, you can leave a group you have joined at any time.


Can I share names and addresses I have listed under Households?


Nope, not yet. We’re working on it.


Got any ideas for groups?


Glad you asked. If family comes first, try setting up a list for siblings, grandparents or cousins. Or, set up a group to help plan an overdue family reunion. Use lists to keep up with friends old and new — college buddies, neighbors, book groups, church groups, the girls’ night out gang or all the parents from the kids’ ball team.


How do I provide feedback on myHallmark?


We’d love to hear what you think! Just click the Feedback tab at the right of your screen.

Be a power user.

Make the most of your address book.

  • If you already have a list of addresses, easily import them from your email account or a spreadsheet.
  • Use your address book to address cards or e-cards, send out event invitations or organize a Card Shower.
  • Tell us about your contacts and we’ll make the perfect card recommendations. We’ll even send you reminders when their birthdays or anniversaries are coming up.
  • If you want a new address or an update from someone you’re not sharing with, just give us their email address. We’ll contact them and automatically update your address book as soon as they respond.
  • Keep your profile updated so that those you’re sharing with have the latest, greatest information. Don’t forget to upload a photo for your profile picture.

Hallmark respects your privacy.

You always have control of who sees your information. You choose what information you would like to keep private and what information you would like to share with the family or friends you select. For more information, read our security and privacy policy.